Fall Themed Squirrel Lunch Tutorial Video

Monday, September 28, 2015

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post in conjunction with Hewlett Packard for their Sprout by HP machine. I received compensation for participating in this campaign but all opinions expressed are solely my own.

I always love trying new ideas and apps that make life easier. A really great app that my daughter has been using is the free Sprout Stop Motion on our Sprout by HP computer. I watched her get really excited and easily figure out how to make a video with her own toys from start to finish. I got to thinking, if she can do this with her toys why don't I try it with my fun school lunches?

I played around with it a bit this weekend and created my first lunch tutorial video using Sprout Stop Motion. You can watch the video above! I started with the basic features for this video, but I it was so fun I can't wait to make another one using some of the more in depth options that the app offers. 

What makes it amazing is that you can scan in your own physical objects (like food) using any one of the three cameras. From there you can add other digital objects, personal pictures, artwork, etc. Then you can also insert a background for your video. I just used white for my first video but you can insert any background picture you like. From there, it is as easy as pushing a button to start the stop motion fun. You can also set a timer with delay so your only job is to move the physical and digital objects around the mat.

As far as the lunch recipe, you will have to watch the video above to see how I made it, but here are the ingredients I used: Long grain rice, ham, sweet peppers, hard boiled egg, dried apples, trail mix, fruit leather, pretzel sticks, and chocolate sprinkles. I made it all in an Easy Lunch Boxes container. Make sure and follow me on all of my social media channels and check out the Sprout website for more details on this awesome machine.

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