How to Make a Shaun the Sheep Lunch

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

how to make a bento lunch

My daughter just turned 9 years old last month and to celebrate we had a party at the movie theatre. We had a chance to see the new Shaun the Sheep movie which my daughter and her friends thought was hilarious. I didn't get to see the whole movie because I had to pick up pizza and cake, but I heard nothing but good reports. I knew I would have to make a lunch for my kids because of how much they liked it. 

how to make a bento lunch
If your kids haven't seen it yet, you might want to keep a lookout for it. Until then, here is how to make a Shaun the Sheep lunch. The shapes are very basic and should be fairly simple to make. I created it in an Easy Lunch Boxes container. 

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Sourdough bread
Black or dark wheat bread
3 Black olives
Snap peas
Slices of meat for a sandwich
1 Slice cheddar cheese
1 Stick of string cheese
Carrot sticks
Optional: Edible modeling dough, candy eyes, or another method for making the animal eyes. You could use white cheese and nori or food coloring.

1. Cut piece of sourdough bread into four small circles. You will also need an oval for
Shaun's hair. A very small glass or jar works perfectly. Slice olives in half and place on top of circles. Use toothpicks to hold in place. Use chosen method to make eyes for the sheep. I used black and white edible modeling dough but you can use what works best for your kids.

2. Arrange snap peas in the background of main dish. Place sheep on top with sandwich meat hidden underneath. Cut Shaun's head and ears from slice of dark wheat bread. Pin ears, hair, and eyes in place using toothpicks. Place head in the middle of sheep as shown.
how to make a bento lunch
3. Cut a slice of cheddar cheese into a bell shape for Bitzer the dog's head. Use olive slice and wheat bread scraps to make the nose and ears. I made the teeth, eyes, and hat from edible modeling dough. I used it for the hat because blue is a very tough color to get naturally. Arrange on top of a bed of broccoli in a side dish.

4. In second side dish drop in baby carrots. Slice string cheese into pieces saving two long strips to go horizontally. Arrange on top of carrots for it to look like a picket fence. 

how to make a bento lunch


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