How to Make an Among Us School Lunch Recipe

Sunday, November 15, 2020

How to Make an Among Us School Lunch Recipe

If your kids are like mine they are obsessed, I mean OBSESSED with the game Among Us. How can you tell? If they go around saying "sus" all the time that would be your first clue. Your second would be if they keep talking about saving up money for hats and alien dogs with one eye. Well if you are in the same boat..ere...spaceship as me, then it might be time to delight them with an Among Us lunch. And you're in luck, because I'm going to show you how to make it!

How to Make an Among Us School Lunch Recipe

Ingredients: Red and green apples, string cheese, cream cheese, raisins, blue food coloring, white cheese, bread, cheddar cheese, turkey, granola bar, rocket crackers, fondant.


1. Let's start with astronauts. These are the playable characters in the game. There is one that is going around murdering the others. When an astronaut dies you're pretty much left the lower half of the body and a bone sticking out. Don't worry there's no blood. I made these astronauts out of red and green apples. The visor is cream cheese dyed blue topped with normal cream cheese. The bone is made of string cheese.

2. For the background in the main compartment use raisins, white cheese cut into stars, and rocket shaped crackers.

How to Make an Among Us School Lunch Recipe

3. In one side compartment make a sandwich with bread, turkey, cheddar cheese, and "SUS" spelled out in white cheese. This is the key word that every Among Us teen and preteen has inserted to their everyday vocabulary. 

How to Make an Among Us School Lunch Recipe

4. In the second side compartment use fondant to make the green alien pet. You might need to buy fondant at your local craft store but it will cost less than buying all the space pets in Among Us. Place it on top of a granola bar and surround it with rocket ship crackers if you like. 

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