4 Insanely Cool Projects Families Can Make With A 3D Printer

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

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HP Sprout #GoMakeThings
Holiday breaks and weekends are fantastic times for families to spend special moments together and to work on creative ideas with each other. If you want to take this time to the next level, try some of these fun and out of the box ideas that I recently worked on with my family. 

HP Sprout #GoMakeThingsAll that was needed was our Sprout by HP, a Dremel 3D printer, and a few other small materials. These ideas can take a boring weekend and turn it into one filled with a ton of memories.

If you aren't familiar with the Sprout or 3D printer, let me tell you about how I used them. The Sprout is a computer workstation that, besides being a great all around family computer, is able to easily scan objects in 3D. The Dremel 3D printer can then print out those objects using a plastic like filament to create whatever you can think up. 

These two machines are so much fun to work with for the whole family. Basically, you and your kids can let your imagination run wild! For more information on The Sprout by HP and the Dremel 3D printer, make sure and click HERE

When you are done creating, share your family's work on social media using #GoMakeThings to give others some inspiration (and get some more of your own)!

HP Sprout #Gomakethings
1. Create a 3D Lithophane From a Standard Photo.

What is a lithophane? It is a 3D copy of a photograph that is made to be seen when light shines through from behind. It is a really fun window decoration for your house as well! I

5 Festive Ways That We Celebrate Christmas

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

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I love the holiday season. I know many people say this, but if it became socially acceptable to leave copious amounts of twinkle lights up, and adorn yourself in ugly Christmas sweaters all year long, I would be the first in line to sign up. Christmas carols? Turn up the volume. Egg Nog? Another glass please. Holiday feasts? I'll deep fry the turkey for every single party. Because it is always better to give than receive, I thought I would pass on some holiday ideas from my own family.

Because of my undying affection for all of the season's merriment, I also love hearing about what other families do to celebrate. It helps give me ideas for how to take my family's yuletide joy to previously unknown heights. Tell me in the comments below how you celebrate the holidays and remember to share your pictures and stories on social media using #realreallife! 

1. We unapologetically celebrate the genius that is A Christmas Story.
I recently read about a backlash against this holiday movie treasure. I couldn't disagree more. My kid's actually begged to watch it last night, so we did. Guess what? If they ask again tonight, my answer is yes, yes, a thousand times yes! For me it brings back the childhood wonder of Christmas and everything surrounding it. Every year we actually set up a legit A Christmas Story lighted village in our house. It is the centerpiece of our decorating. And yes, being the Lunchbox Dad I have even made my kids A Christmas Story lunch. Besides, what's Christmas at school without a pink bunny suit and leg lamp?

2. We encourage our kids to give back.
We want our kids to realize that even though they don't have everything that they want, there are other kids who don't have everything that they need. If my kids can learn to see

How to Make Gooey Almond Honey Cinnamon Rolls

Monday, December 21, 2015

This is a sponsored post in partnership with honey.com. I received compensation but all opinions are my own.

You probably shouldn't make these Almond Honey Cinnamon Rolls. You will become instantly addicted and normal cinnamon rolls will no longer satisfy your ravenous craving for this sweet breakfast treat. The problem isn't just that they taste like heaven on a plate, it's that they are so easy to make that even your kids can do it. Seriously, my nine-year-old daughter made these with me the first time and now she can do it on her own (pictured below). We found this recipe for Almond Honey Topping on honey.com and combined it with cinnamon rolls to create something that should be illegal because it's so tasty and addicting. Honey adds a boost of natural sweetness and also helps bind the topping ingredients in this recipe. 

If you need a simple but stunning recipe for the holidays, a party, or just because it's Saturday morning, try out our new take on this classic. Remember to follow me on all my social media channels to get more ideas like this and also check out honey.com for amazing recipes for just about any dish you can imagine!
Almond Honey Topping:
Sliced Almonds

15 Radical Lunchboxes Every 80's Kid Had To Have

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

star wars
If you have followed my blog for any length of time you know I have an affinity, or maybe an obssession, for the 80's. I grew up then and loved it. The movies, toys, and pop culture icons were amazing. So when I heard that Netflix was bringing back The Care Bears and The Popples, I was excited to introduce my kids to these symbols of the decade that has brought me so much joy. However, I started thinking about the sometimes forgotten but always important childhood status symbol.

In the 1980's the elementary school lunchbox defined who you were and what you were about. Some kids showed their affection for E.T. while others rocked the Rainbow Brite box. Whatever direction you went with your lunchtime paraphernalia, there were certain lunchboxes that were at the top of every kids' back to school list. In no particular order, here is the definitive list of the top 15 lunchboxes that every 80's kid had to have. 

80's lunchboxes
image source: etsy.com
15. Cabbage Patch Kids

How to Make a Star Wars Christmas Lunch

Monday, December 14, 2015

The Force Awakens

With Star Wars The Force Awakens coming out this week I knew it was time for a Star Wars Christmas mashup. I know, I know, the last time Star Wars was mixed with Christmas you got The Star Wars Holiday Special. This lunch is much better than that, I promise. As a huge Stars Wars fan, it pained me a little to put a Santa hat on the R2D2 sandwich, but times like this call for sacrifice. Plus, since my kids are beyond excited for both Christmas and Star Wars, I thought it would be the best of both worlds for them. 

This did take much longer than usual to make, but I thought it was worth it. I made the lunch in an Easy Lunch Boxes container and used a Christmas Lunchbox Love note. I hope you have a great holiday season, and remember to follow me on here and on my social media channels so that you don't miss any of my great holiday posts coming up!

The Force Awakens

Ingredients: Whole wheat bread slices, flour tortilla, favorite sandwich filling, Wilton's

This Is The Only Gift You Will Need For Your Whole Family

Thursday, December 10, 2015

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Every year there is the hottest this, or coolest that, present to give for Christmas. Trying to decipher what all the perfect Christmas gifts are is enough to make your head spin and cause you to curl up in the corner while sending you to your happy place. Maybe you haven't even finished shopping yet because you are paralyzed to set foot in the store, or you just don't feel like playing the game of "race to the last parking spot before that other guy goes down the lane the wrong way and beats you to it." 

I totally understand. Let me put you at ease. I have an idea for one Christmas gift for your whole family. This is in addition to love. And chocolate. Because those are always in the running. Especially love. Ok especially chocolate too. You can order this gift online and it has something for everyone. There are interactive apps for the kids, design tools for the creative types, and hardware power for the gamers in your life. It's the Sprout by HP. You have heard me talk about it for the past year and I want to recommend it again. Here are four reasons why.

1. With the exception of doing the dishes, you can accomplish almost any task on it.
I still haven't found the app for creating a robot that changes diapers, but the Sprout still does some amazing things. We have loved the 3D scan feature that also makes it easy to

How to Make a Joyful Christmas Tree Lunch

Monday, December 7, 2015

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Smarty Pants Vitamins

Many times in marriage you need to compromise, even when it's difficult. There was a time a few years ago that I finally agreed to such a compromise. I didn't like it, but I knew it was time to give adjust my viewpoint. I agreed that we could buy an artificial Christmas tree. Ever since then I have missed our natural trees. My kids will not know the magic of going and picking out the tree, the excitement of setting it up, or the scent of needles in the morning. I have to admit, however, that the artificial tree is less labor intensive.

Since I am now a low maintenance holiday tree decorator, I decided to put together an easy to make Christmas tree lunch. I assembled this in a matter of minutes. Unlike my artificial tree this one has natural ingredients. I used Smarty Pants Gummy Vitamins for the ornaments which are all-natural and much more tasty than regular glass ball ornaments. My kids love them! 

See how to make this festive lunch using the directions below and remember to follow Lunchbox Dad and Smarty Pants Vitamins on all of our social media channels!
Smarty Pants Vitamins
Ingredients: Smarty Pants Gummy Vitamins, green spinach wrap tortilla, sliced cheese,

Lunchbox Dad's Huge 2015 Holiday Gift Guide!

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

The holidays are stressful enough without having to worry about what gifts are winners and which presents are epic failures. Don't worry, here at Lunchbox Dad I have you covered. After all, part of the mission of this blog is to bring you ideas and tools that make your life easier. I have sifted through many of the hottest products out there and brought to you all the greatest holiday offerings that are perfect for parents and kids. As always with my gift guides, I have not been paid by any of these companies and I have personally been hands on with every single gift listed here. So rest assured that I have already done the hard work for you. Your most difficult job will now be to choose which toy, tech, or book, snack, or suit is right for your family!


Toys that encourage STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) learning are some of the hottest out there right now and Goldiblox is one of the originals. My daughter has loved their toys for awhile and I love that it encourages imagination and engineering by building a multitude of different objects and structures. They also regularly release new toys that are continually empowering young girls.

Star Wars Remote Controlled BB-8
You might have heard that there's a little movie coming out this month about a galaxy far, far, away. There's also a few toys being released. Ok there might be a ton of toys being released for Star Wars, but this Hasbro BB-8 droid is one of the coolest remote controlled toys I've ever played with. The head spins independently of the body and it is amazing how it moves. It's also much less expensive than the similar Sphero model. 

How to Make a Star Wars The Force Awakens BB-8 Bento Lunch

Monday, November 30, 2015

There has been an awakening in my kids' lunches this morning. I know that's a cheesy way to start off this post but I had to say it. To proclaim that my family is excited for the new Star Wars The Force Awakens movie would be an understatement. We have already bought tickets and are drooling over the toys. One of our favorites is the BB-8 remote controlled droid from Hasbro. For some reason a ball that you can remotely control rolling round the room is one of the coolest things out there. Did I mention my son just got new Star Wars sheets as well? We might be obsessed and have a bit of a problem. Because of all the fun we are having I figured it was time to make my kids a Star Wars BB-8 Bento Lunch. 

It was actually quite simple to make once I figured out the ingredients. So the hard part is already done for you! I also threw a First Order Stormtrooper egg in there as well. I made it all in an Easy Lunch Boxes container. After you check out the directions below, make sure and follow me on all my social media channels so you don't miss out on anything!

Whole wheat bread
Provolone cheese slices

7 Boredom Buster Ideas For Holiday Breaks

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

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HP Sprout

As parents we've all heard it. The incessant whine of kids on holiday break proclaiming, "I'm bored." It gives every parent chills up their spine. Even those who seem to be have a Pinterest board for everything will sometimes find themselves mired in the depths of their children's "holiday boredom blues." Never fear because I know that deep dark feeling. You don't have to curl up in a corner and go to your happy place during this holiday break time because I'm here to help. 

I've come up with seven ideas to help rid your house of the boredom whines. Feel free to share these ideas with friends, call them your own, or tweak them for your family. Just don't send your kids over to my house because I will just load them up with espresso and candy, give them each two kittens, and send them back to you. After all, I've got three kids of my own to wrangle during the break.

HP Sprout
Photo courtesy of dadlogic.net
1. Make a Blanket Fort
When I was growing up my brother and I used to build these all the time. We would use heavy books, trophies, and lamps to hold the blankets up. Inevitably it would all come tumbling down on our heads. I recommend using clothespins or some small clamps. These tools will work wonders and make it more stable (and much less painful). Don't be afraid to spend the night in the fort with your kids, they will remember it forever!

HP Sprout

2. Practice Their DJ Skills (With Headphones Required)
One of the cooler apps I've found is the Crayola DJ app for the HP Sprout Workstation. It is free and has kept my kids busy for long periods of time. They don't even need to know the first thing about being a DJ to make it work. Let them get hands on and make their own music. Seriously though, headphones are an absolute must. Plus, if they have some large headphones it can just add to the DJ experience.

HP Sprout

5 Truths Of A Real Family Dinnertime

Monday, November 23, 2015

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campbell's soup

Every parent knows how precious family dinnertime is. Or how chaotic. I guess it all depends on how you look at it. Let's be honest. Pinterest is awesome for all sorts of ideas but not every family dinnertime is Pinterest perfect. Despite the best of intentions, I would argue that much of what happens at family dinner does not go according to schedule or a plan. No matter what has happened that day adults, kids, and dogs are still expecting a meal. It doesn't mean it's a negative thing, it's just real life. Because real life happens here are 5 truths that apply to most families at dinnertime.

1. Dinner is Never Soon Enough
Parents don't really need a timer for cooking food. You always know when the meal is ready when you hear, "I'm hungry, isn't dinner ready yet" seven times. Or is it seventeen times? Sometimes I miscount. It doesn't really matter. Even if you start cooking at 2 pm dinner still won't arrive soon enough for a ravenous fourth grader.

2. Kids Always Want the "Other" Kind of Food
The one fortunate side effect of kids being constantly hungry is that they are ready to dive in at a moment's notice. The unfortunate part of this is that whatever food you prepare, they always want the other one. Sure they were addicted to plain white rice with butter last week. This week it is that dish is much too spicy. Did you make the deadly mistake of picking the can of Campbell's Tomato soup? The correct choice was the Chicken Noodle. Unless it's Thursday or every fourth Saturday.
campbell's soup

3. Staying Seated is Almost as Difficult as Splitting the Atom
Why don't we have seatbelts at the dining room table again? You would think by the number

Learn to Make Fun Thanksgiving Placemats With Your Family

Thursday, November 19, 2015

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HP Sprout

There isn't much that gets me as excited as eating Thanksgiving dinner. The deep fried turkey, the mashed potatoes, the pies, I look forward to the splendor of the meal all year long. As a parent, I love sharing this time with my kids as well. The only problem with having kids is that they cut into the bounty of the dinner. For example, I love Turkey drumsticks. Growing up it was understood that they are mine. My daughter now loves them and my oldest son does as well. But if you just did the math that means no drumstick for me.

Aside from my turkey thieves, the best part of Thanksgiving is family getting together. So we decided it would be really fun to create a craft that family could take home with them that showed them that the kids are thankful for them. This is where these placemats come in that we designed on the Sprout by HP. We really wanted to come up with something that was fall themed, the kids could help with, were personal, and easy to make. When you are in charge of Thanksgiving dinner the last thing you need is to create complicated decorations from scratch.

HP sprout

Here is what you will need to create these custom placemats:
A variety of leaves

Amazing Blackened Deep Fried Honey Turkey Recipe

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

This is a sponsored post partnering with honey.com. I was compensated but all opinions are my own.

I have come to the realization that Thanksgiving without turkey is not something I can support. I have tried to follow along with people as they make their case for a turkey-free holiday, I just don't buy into their reasoning. I usually just end up shaking my head and telling them that, "I would agree with you, but then we'd both be wrong." That being said my family has experimented with many different turkey cooking styles over the years. 

I know people will argue this point, but I believe deep fried turkey is by far the crispiest and juiciest bird for any celebration. This has been my method of choice for at least ten years so I am always slightly tweaking the exact recipe. Two of the secrets of a perfectly deep fried turkey is the injectable marinade and the dry rub. I wanted to go in a completely different direction this year so I made my injectable marinade from a recipe on honey.com. The link is below. I also tried a blackened bird. I know it looks a bit dark but skin was perfectly done and the white meat was the most moist I've ever had. The honey gave the meat just the right amount of sweetness. You can choose to cook your turkey however you like, I just recommend deep frying it. My family devoured this recipe so I think I'm on to something. If you disagree just remember, "I'd agree with you, but then we'd both be wrong."


The link to make the marinade is below but I changed the amount of ingredients to accommodate just one turkey. 
Cajun Honey Glaze Marinade: 1 3/4 cup honey, 2/3 cup white vinegar, 1/4 cup tomato

Learn to Make a Fun Thanksgiving Turkey Lunch

Monday, November 16, 2015

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Smarty Pants Vitamins

With Thanksgiving right around the corner I thought it might be time to do a turkey lunch for my kids. Our family tradition is to travel to my wife's family's cattle ranch and spend a few quiet days enjoying some deep fried turkey and taking nature walks. It's something my kids really look forward to. Since this is my kids' last week of school before the big day, I had to get them prepped for it by making them this fun lunch!

This lunch can be put together in a matter of minutes and can easily be made the night before. I used my kids' favorite Smarty Pants Gummy Vitamins in place of fruit snacks. They devour these and I like that they provide some colorful decoration and nutrition for the lunch. 

Let me know in the comments below what your Thanksgiving traditions are! 
Smarty Pants Vitamins
Smarty Pants Gummy Vitamins
Whole wheat bread slices
Sandwich meat

How to Make A Balloon Lunch For Your Kids + Fun Indoor Game Ideas!

Friday, November 13, 2015

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Let's Play, but all opinions are my own.
Let's Play

Kids always have fun with balloons. They are a simple concept, but think about it. How hard is it not to smile when there are balloons around? You are cracking a smile right now just imagining it, right? This is exactly why I wanted to create a simple balloon lunch for my kids and also show you how to make it. 

Not only that, but I also came up with some kid-tested (ok, adult-tested as well) balloon games for you to play with your family. The best part is that these games are designed to play inside so, so they're perfect for keeping you and your kids active together during cold weather. As some of you may remember, I'm a 2015 Play Ambassador for Let's Play, a Dr. Pepper Snapple initiative to encourage kids and families to make play a daily priority. So take a look at my easy to follow lunch instructions, then head on over to my blog post at Let's Play and see all the activities you can play inside with your kids this fall and winter. 
Let's Play
2 slices whole wheat bread
1 slice of Provolone and cheddar cheese

How to Make The Good Dinosaur Movie Sock Puppets

Monday, November 9, 2015

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post partnering with Fandango Family. I received compensation, but all opinions expressed are solely my own.Fandango Family

There are many exciting movies coming out this Fall and Winter, but the one that my kids are currently asking about is The Good Dinosaur, which comes out on November 25. This is the latest release from Disney/Pixar so we are pretty much assured it's going to be phenomenal. This story is about the dinosaur Arlo, separated from his dad, who must find his way back with the help of friends that he meets along the way. From humans to other dinos, he discovers trouble and friendship around every turn. 

Since this will probably be the animated blockbuster of the season, my family had to get creative and make something to celebrate. We thought, "What better dinosaur craft could there be than sock puppets?" It's easy to think that our kids are mainly interested in tablets and video games, but don't underestimate the fun and bonding that can come from doing a project with your kids and putting on a show together. 

To make the Arlo and Butch sock puppets, just follow my easy instructions below. I've even included FREE printable coloring sheet downloads at the end of this post. Use this for a rainy day activity or just on a lazy Saturday morning. Whatever you do, make sure and head to Fandango to get your tickets for The Good Dinosaur on November 25!
Fandango Family
You Will Need:
Green socks for Arlo, red or brown socks for Butch
2 Googly eyes per puppet 
Black felt
White felt
Fuzzy craft poms poms for Butch
Glue or adhesive dots
Green permanent marker

Fandango Family

Cut two rows of square teeth out of white felt. Cut two rows of sharp teeth out of white felt as well. Cut four small to medium sized circles out of black felt for nostrils.

For Arlo:
1. Ball up 4-5 tissues and place them toward the end (but not quite the end) of the green sock. You will use the tissues where you place Arlo's eyes. Put your hand in the sock like you are using the puppet.

2. Glue googly eyes onto sock directly next to each other. Glue nostrils on sock on the end of Arlo's nose. Glue one row of square teeth to the top of his mouth and one row to the bottom.

3. Finish by making freckles on Arlo's snout with a green marker. 

For Butch:
1. Glue googly eyes to fuzzy pom poms. 

2. Make two balls of tissues. Stuff one ball into the end of sock. Put other tissue ball where your thumb will go in sock puppet. Place hand in sock puppet like you are using it.

3. Glue pom pom eyes onto sock right next to each other. Glue nostrils on the end of Butch's nose. Glue one row of sharp teeth to the top of his mouth and one row to the bottom.

Now that you've made the dinosaurs, have some fun creating stories where you, your kids, Arlo, and Butch are the stars. These puppets might even be perfect for your kids to take to see The Good Dinosaur with your family!

Fandango Family

Learn to Make This Triple Berry Heat Dipping Sauce!

Friday, November 6, 2015

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post in conjunction with Smucker's. I received compensation for participating in this campaign but all opinions expressed are solely my own.
Smucker's Fruit and Honey Spread

Usually when you hear about pairing a fruit spread with other foods it's on a peanut butter and jam sandwich or on platter with cheese and crackers. Here at Lunchbox Dad I am always trying to encourage you to think beyond the normal way of doing things. I got to thinking about what some incredible out of the box pairings would be with this new Smucker's Fruit and Honey Fruit Spread that I have been testing.

I have been trying out different combos over the last week and this is the absolute winner. Believe me when I say that you must try this pairing at your next football party, holiday gathering, or just for your family on any night of the week! My kids as well as all the adults who tested this loved the combination of flavors. It's not too hot but the mixture of sweet, spicy, and flavor of the sausage complimented each other perfectly.

How to Make a Harley Quinn DC Superhero Girls Lunch

Monday, November 2, 2015

DC Superhero Girls

By now you know my family is pretty into superheroes. This goes not only for my son but my daughter as well. The unfortunate thing is that many times girl superheroes are either over sexualized or they continually play backup to the guys. Worst case is that they appear in a movie but then never make it into toys or clothes and the brand pretends like they don't exist. *Cough, cough Black Widow*

Because of this, my daughter was so excited to see that DC is coming out with their new DC Superhero Girls show and dolls. They remade well known characters as high school

How to Make Halloween Origami Jack-O'-Lantern Banners

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post in conjunction with Hewlett Packard for their new product Sprout by HP. I received compensation for participating in this campaign.
HP Sprout
One of the best parts about this time of year are all the fun ways your family can decorate the house. We love to be creative so we wanted to find a way that the whole family could be involved in decorating. With three young children, this is not always easy.

Thankfully we found a new app on our HP Sprout that helped us create decorations and also work together as a family. The app is called Origami Apprentice. I have never been one who understands how to fold origami objects. As a kid I desperately tried to figure it out, but I eventually gave up because it was too hard to remember. I eventually focused on paper airplanes. However, after a little time with Origami Apprentice I had memorized how to make these origami "balloons" and turn them into hanging Jack-o'-Lanterns.
HP Sprout
Once I had the folding down, I showed my five-year-old-son who then worked with my nine-year-old daughter on it. The app uses the Sprout's dual screen technology to show you exactly how to fold each object, and what size and shape the paper should be at each step. It is ridiculously simple how easy the app makes this project.

Here's how we made these origami Jack-o'-Lantern banners. You will need orange paper, string,

Learn to Make The Nightmare Before Christmas Lunch

Monday, October 26, 2015

Halloween food

One of my family's favorite Halloween/Christmas traditions is to watch Disney's The Nightmare Before Christmas together. It's a classic and my kids are always begging to watch it around this time of year. I have made a few of these lunches before but for some reason I missed it last year. I couldn't make the same mistake this year. I know my kids will come home excited about this one. It was actually pretty easy to make. 
Halloween Food
I created it in a Planetbox lunch box. I used a few more treats than normal, but it's this is a special lunch and the last one before Halloween. I also threw in a couple ghost chips and

Back to the Future Hoverboard Lunch

Wednesday, October 21, 2015


Back to the Future Day is finally here! It's October 21, 2015 the day Doc and Marty use the Delorean time machine to travel to the future...which is today. It is obvious science has failed us because we have no flying cars, hover boards, or power laces. However just because science has some work to do doesn't mean we can't celebrate. We just watched Back to the Future with the kids for the first time and they loved it. It really took me back to when I was a kid. Man I want a working hoverboard.

Oh well, at least my kids will have this hoverboard! Of course I also had to throw in some

Our Back to the Future DeLorean Stroller Project

DIY time machine

Happy Back to the Future Day everyone! It is October 21st, 2015 today. I have been waiting for this day since I was a kid. It is finally the exact date that Marty McFly, Jennifer, and Doc Brown traveled to the future in the movie Back to the Future II. I thought it would be a great chance to celebrate building a time traveling DeLorean Stroller. I started planning this DeLorean project a few months ago. I saw another dad create one out of a ride on toy a few years ago so I thought, "Why not a stroller?" 
DIY time machine

Obviously we are huge Back to the Future fans in my family. My wife and I actually decided 
to use this in our family Halloween costumes as well. You will have to wait to see those, however. I hope to have video up around that time to show you some of the best features of the project. Until then, scroll down to see inside my DeLorean stroller project and also see

Learn to Make a Rocket Lunch That Really Blasts Off!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post in conjunction with Hewlett Packard for their Sprout by HP machine. I received compensation for participating in this campaign but all opinions expressed are solely my own.HP Sprout

This lunch is all about the fun that you can have together as a family. This past weekend I gathered my two oldest kids (9 and 5 years old) and we spent about an hour putting together this lunch and video. You heard me right. It only took about an hour from start to finish. We decided what to use, cut the food up, and created and edited the video on our HP Sprout with the Stop Motion app. The last stop motion video I made took a bit longer but I was learning the ins and outs of the program. Now that I know how to use it, the second time was seriously easy and fun to involve the whole family.

We just set the food on the mat, used the Sprout camera and Stop Motion app to take shots, and it automatically put the photos together into a project. After that, I removed the plate and

Learn to Make a Scary Mummy Halloween Lunch

Monday, October 19, 2015

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post partnering with Smarty Pants Vitamins. I received compensation but all opinions expressed are solely my own.
smarty pants

Forget relentless zombies and brooding vampires; mummies might be the scariest thing about Halloween. Well, werewolves are pretty creepy too, but a mummy sandwich is much easier to make. Plus there are less fleas. Anyway my kids loved this one. I even used Smarty Pants Vitamins for the mummy's eyes instead of fruit snacks. Continue reading below to find out how I made it!

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