How to Make a Star Wars Christmas Lunch

Monday, December 14, 2015

The Force Awakens

With Star Wars The Force Awakens coming out this week I knew it was time for a Star Wars Christmas mashup. I know, I know, the last time Star Wars was mixed with Christmas you got The Star Wars Holiday Special. This lunch is much better than that, I promise. As a huge Stars Wars fan, it pained me a little to put a Santa hat on the R2D2 sandwich, but times like this call for sacrifice. Plus, since my kids are beyond excited for both Christmas and Star Wars, I thought it would be the best of both worlds for them. 

This did take much longer than usual to make, but I thought it was worth it. I made the lunch in an Easy Lunch Boxes container and used a Christmas Lunchbox Love note. I hope you have a great holiday season, and remember to follow me on here and on my social media channels so that you don't miss any of my great holiday posts coming up!

The Force Awakens

Ingredients: Whole wheat bread slices, flour tortilla, favorite sandwich filling, Wilton's
edible decorating dough, red apple, white cheese, green grapes, dried blueberries, Christmas sprinkles, grape tomatoes, snap peas
The Force Awakens
1. Cut R2D2 head and body shape from two slices of bread and tortilla. Once you cut out one, use it to trace the shape on the others to make it easy. Repeat with arm pieces. Use your favorite sandwich filling between the bread. Place in main compartment. 

2. Use blue, black, gray, and red edible decorating dough to make the R2D2 details. It is just like playdough except your kids can eat it like a dessert. Put the dough pieces on the tortilla and set it on the sandwich. The dough will harden overnight in the refrigerator and stick to the tortilla.

2. Slice apple in the shape of a triangle. Place above R2D2's head. Slice cheese in one strip and in ball shape. Place where shown to make Santa hat. Surround R2D2 with grapes.

3. In side dish, place dried blueberries and drop Christmas colored sprinkles on top to make "Christmas stars."

4. In second side dish arrange red grape tomatoes. Connect two snap peas and one green grape together to make a TIE fighter. Set on top of tomatoes for a fun Christmas colored scene.

5. Finish with a Lunchbox Love note for some fun Christmas encouragement and riddles.



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