How to Make a Grilled Cheese Laptop Computer Remote School Lunch

Thursday, November 19, 2020

This is a sponsored post in partnership with ESET. All opinions are my own.
How to Make a Grilled Cheese Computer Remote School Lunch

We all know that not only is the world different in 2020 because of a pandemic, but school is vastly different as well. I have one child in full-time traditional school (on a modified schedule), one child who is completely remote, and one who is hybrid (on a modified schedule). Could anyone have predicted how complicated this year would be? I think I have finally accepted that the rest of this school year will probably be changing by the week. Thankfully we have technology so that my kids don't miss school days, even when there is snow this winter. This is why it was time for me to celebrate their remote learning accomplishments with a grilled cheese laptop computer lunch! Learn to make it below. 

How to Make a Grilled Cheese Computer Remote School Lunch

I used to think that my technology knowledge was enough to get through any tech issues. As a dad I can fix anything, right? However, as my oldest has become a teenager I've found myself passing more of our family's tech problems on to her. My kids have grown up being digital natives while I just learned a little about computers as a hobby in my 20's. This is why I'm thankful for ESET and their new free Safer Kids Online guide for parents that help us to keep our kids safe on their many devices. 

How to Make a Grilled Cheese Computer Remote School Lunch

From informing us about the top online threats to our kids, to showing the safest way to post photos of our family on social media, the Safer Kids Online guide by ESET should be saved as a bookmark in every parent's browser. ESET is an internet security company that protects the digital lives of more than 110 million homes and businesses worldwide. Many of the experts at ESET are parents themselves and this is why they care about the online safety of kids. Their job is internet security, so this is why I think every parent and guardian should know about their new initiative!

Now that you know about this important resource for helping to keep your children safe on their devices, how about a resource for making your kids' devices more tasty? This lunch was so fun to create because I was able to include some of my family's favorite techy things which includes their laptop...made out of a grilled cheese waffle! Here is how to bring these ideas to life in your kid's lunch.

How to Make a Grilled Cheese Computer Remote School Lunch

Grilled Cheese Remote School Lunch

Ingredients: bread, sliced cheese, butter, cream cheese, blue and green food coloring, nori, blackberries, tomatoes, multiple colors of fondant, strawberries, apples. 


1. Prepare a grilled cheese sandwich your favorite way. I use bread, sliced cheddar cheese, and butter on the outside. Before you cook it, cut it in half and then toast in waffle iron. This makes the keyboard shape.

How to Make a Grilled Cheese Computer Remote School Lunch

2. For the monitor, make the second half of the grilled cheese sandwich the classic way. I decided to create the iconic PC wallpaper to go on the monitor because it was actually fairly easy to make out of cream cheese dyed blue and green.

3. Every kid loves emoji, so make these faces out of cheddar cheese and nori (roasted seaweed). The background is blackberries but you can use any berry that your child enjoys.

How to Make a Grilled Cheese Computer Remote School Lunch

4. To make the smartphone dessert, use black fondant for the phone case, white fondant for the screen and multiple colors of fondant for the app icons. Use any sort of veggies for the background. Pro tip: place the fondant phone on top of parchment paper so that it stays dry until lunchtime. 

How to Make a Grilled Cheese Computer Remote School Lunch

5. Use pieces of fruit and food picks for the last part of this meal. Because my kids love to listen to music on their devices, I chose musical themed food picks to complete the lunch. 

Make sure to spend some time reading up on how to keep your kids safe online and with the free Safer Kids Online guide from ESET before you make this lunch. We don't need to know the ins and outs of how our computers work, but we can learn about the safeguards to put in place so our families can learn and grow in the safest environments possible. Now more than ever our children's health and well being, both in the physical and digital worlds, should be a top priority. I'm thankful that this guide makes it easier for us as parents to do this!

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