How to Make a Twilight Saga Book Lunch

Sunday, November 1, 2020

 How to Make a Twilight Saga Book Lunch

I always tell people that I get my inspiration from my kids. I make food art lunches based on what they are into at the moment. This is one of those lunches. My daughter has been addicted to Twilight over the last few months. She has read the entire book series twice now and is watching the movies with my wife. So I figured it was time to make her a lunch that celebrates her newest passion, the competition of Team Edward vs. Team Jacob, and supernatural...fruit? 

Since my daughter has been so into the Twilight saga books, I wanted to design the lunch after one of the book covers. I also had to go with what I had in my kitchen since I was running short on time and couldn't go to the store. Thankfully my daughter loves black olives almost as much as shoes Twilight! Keep reading to see how I made the rest. 

How to Make a Twilight Saga Book Lunch

Ingredients: Bread, sandwich filling, black olives, small red apple, white fondant, yogurt, strawberries, slivered almonds, raisins, tortilla, cheese, food coloring.


1. Make your child's favorite sandwich and place in main compartment. Put small apple on top. You might need to cut out the center of the sandwich for the apple to fit. Mold two white hands out of fondant and place around apple. Cut olives in half and put on top of sandwich, filling in all the space so it is black. 

How to Make a Twilight Saga Book Lunch

2. In side compartment, put greek yogurt. Make strawberries into vampire teeth as shown using slivered almonds. Put these in the yogurt. I made two, one for Edward and one for Bella. 

How to Make a Twilight Saga Book Lunch

3. In second side compartment drop in raisins. I folded a tortilla in half with cheese in the middle. Use food coloring marker to draw on the details of the Twilight book cover and place on top of the raisins.

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