Learn to Make a Fall Apple Tree Lunch

Monday, September 21, 2015

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post partnering with Smarty Pants Vitamins. I received compensation but all opinions expressed are solely my own.Smarty Pants Vitamins

I love Fall. The problem is where I live in the San Francisco bay area actual seasons seem to be illegal. When I lived in central Washington, it was amazing to see the colors change and feel the weather cool down enough to sip on some hot chocolate at night. Here in the bay, Fall is pretty much like any other season. So in order to give my own kids a little of the real Fall experience I made a lunch based on one of the four best seasons around. 

I also had the chance to use my kids' favorite gummy vitamins in this lunch. They have been loving trying out Smarty Pants Vitamins plus they make a great healthy alternative to fruit snacks. This variety happens to be my son's favorite. I liked them because they were perfect for apples! Learn how to make the whole lunch by following my instructions below. Make sure to not miss anything by following me on all my social media channels. Just click the buttons on the right.

5 Red Smarty Pants Vitamins

1 Whole wheat tortilla
2 Cheddar cheese slices
4-5 Pretzel sticks
Nut free spread
Nori (dried seaweed snack)
Orange grape tomatoes
Dried apples
Smarty Pants Vitamins
1. Cut a tree shape from a piece of tortilla. Make any tree shape you want, don't worry about making it perfect. Trace another tree shape from a second piece of tortilla. Place nori as a background in main compartment. Arrange tortilla trees on top. 

2. Take scraps from tortilla and cut into a narrow rectangle. Put nut free spread on tortilla scrap. Break pretzel sticks in half and line them up on nut free spread. Place them under the tree for a fence.

3. Use vegetable cutter on cheese to make leaf shapes. I know these aren't apple leaves but you can make them into any shapes you want, your kids won't mind. If you don't have a cutter just use a sharp knife. Place leaves and gummy vitamins on tree. 

4. In one side dish put a handful of dried apples. Tear the leaves off the stems of 5-6 orange grape tomatoes. This will help them look like little pumpkins. Place these in second side dish. Finish with a lunch note if desired. Serve to your kids and watch their faces light up!

Smarty Pants Vitamins


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