Lunchbox Dad's September Family Product Picks

Friday, September 18, 2015

Here are my Monthly Family Product Picks for September. These are 10 products that my family has loved using over the past month or two. From food, to tools, to toys, to household items, we are showing you stuff that will make your lives more enjoyable. Some of these items were given to us for free to try while others we found and paid for ourselves. I have NOT been paid to write about any of these products. These are just things that have been fun to use, or made our lives easier.

I have been raving about these on social media for awhile now. If you aren't using their buns for hamburgers, you're doing it wrong. If you have a get together, tailgate party, or just cooking for yourself get these. Especially if you are cooking for yourself because then you get all of them. Pretzilla makes burger buns, sausage buns, mini buns, and pretzel bites.

I know It's probably just my kids that spill everything everywhere, so maybe I'm the only one
who loves this idea. However, if you have that rare child that could use a portable kids table and tray for eating, drawing, legos, actions figures, or pretty much anything else then buy the ZoomKit. My kids love it. It is made to use on the couch, in the car seat, on the floor, and most other places. The genius part is that you can get inserts for whatever you think your kids will need it for most. The super genius part is that food and toys end up in the compartments, not everywhere else!

Sometimes it's hard enough for parents to make dinner without being distracted by 5,000 kid questions in 30 seconds and burning down the kitchen. This pulled pork makes it taste awesome as well as being easy to make. We heated it up, threw it in some buns with cheese and had incredible pulled pork sandwiches that everyone loved. Do yourself a favor and get some in case of a dinner emergency. 

I never have a problem telling when my meat is done but it's my neighbor who has the problem. Yes, that's it my neighbor needs The Steak Champ. This little gadget is pretty cool though and makes cooking a steak so easy. You just insert it into the raw meat, watch for the light to flash, and take the meat off. Basically if you like to make your life more difficult, don't buy this tool. Plus, has tons of other stuff that you never knew you needed as well.

If you have ever tried to find the perfect phone case, you know it's pretty much the impossible task. So I decided to make my own. Technically I made the perfect case for my wife, but regardless, Casetify made it stupidly easy. You just login and upload your Instagram and Facebook photos. I thought it would be cheap looking but the pictures turned out great and my wife loved it. When she saw her new case all was right with the world. FYI I just found out that they have the new iPhone 6s cases also. 

Have you ever wanted to taste food from around the world? Maybe your kids have studied different countries in school and you thought it would be fun to have some food from those countries. Maybe you just wanted your children to eat something more than just chicken nuggets and mac and cheese! If any of these are true, you will want to take a look at Try the World. In each box you get food, recipes, party ideas, and more. Our family had different favorites in our Spain box but since I'm writing this I can definitively say the P. Listo Floral Jam as the best. My daughter might disagree but she would be wrong.

They had us at Star Wars. We are huge Star Wars fans in our family. Ok, I admit we are still trying to get my wife on board, but it's only a matter of time I'm sure of it. I have seen the Black Series figures for awhile at the store but I never imagined my kids would love playing with them so much. In our house, toys are meant to be played, not displayed. Let's just say these have been played with a lot by most members of the family.

8. Lunchbox Love Notes
I have always said that every parent has time to put a lunch note in their kid's lunch box. This is especially true with Lunchbox Love notes. I have used these for years now. They are perfect when you are in a time crunch but still want your kids to know that you are thinking about them. They even have some with jokes on them. I'm pretty sure only dads and elementary schoolers think they're funny but all I know is that they are my daughter's favorite.

9. Boxed Water
I know what you are thinking, "Boxed water?" It's water. In a box. I thought the same thing but when I learned that they are actually better for the environment and the water is actually pretty good, it changed my mind. If you use disposable water bottles, you might to give Boxed Water a shot instead. Now if only cup holders came in square shapes.

10. Modarri Car Kits
If you are looking for a fun buildable toy that your kids and you can put together and take apart again, without losing half the pieces in only 3 hours, then look at Modarri. These cars have real suspension and steering which make them fun to drive and there are plenty of models to choose from. The really innovative idea with these is that every car has interchangeable parts so the possibilities are endless. Just make sure your kids are old enough or you might spend the entire afternoon screwing parts together and taking them apart. Not that I have ever done that. No, never.


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