Learn to Make a Spider-Man Yogurt Parfait Lunch

Monday, October 5, 2015

Chobani Yogurt

This lunch is so fun and easy it's ridiculous. If your kids are like mine they are crazy about anything superhero themed and especially Spider-Man. If my son and I are wrestling around, or playing with his action figures, it's only a matter of time before he pretends he's the webslinger. I thought this would be the perfect lunch for him since he is in Kindergarten and doesn't eat a large amount of food.

I created this lunch with a layer of granola beneath the berries so that the yogurt, granola,
and berries can be eaten separately or mixed together in a parfait. Spider-Man's eyes are made of cheese so they can be eaten with the "webbed" pretzels. The spiders are just plastic decorative spider shaped rings for fun. I made the lunch in a Planetbox lunchbox and used a Chobani Greek Yogurt pouch because my kids like the taste and it has Spider-Man on it. It fit in perfectly with the theme.
Chobani yogurt
Have fun making this lunch for your kids and remember to follow me on all my social media channels. I am going to have some really great Halloween ideas coming up soon so make sure and check back regularly!



  1. How do you expect this to hold up after the lunch bag being tossed the around on the way to school?

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