Week 34: Memorial Day Lunch

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Flag lunch easy lunch boxes
Week 34: Memorial Day lunch, a little late.  My family and I were moving all weekend and my daughter was staying at my in-law's house, so I had to put off this lunch until today.  Even though this was a crazy weekend I didn't want her to forget about the real reason she gets some extra days of school off.  I wanted to make an easy Memorial Day lunch that everyone could feel they could make for this important holiday.  This could also work for a 4th of July lunch (another important holiday).  So take sometime when you are making this to remember those who gave their lives for our country.  This was made in an Easy Lunch Box container.  On to the details...

10-12 grape tomatoes (My daughter likes these because she thinks they taste like grapes!)
1 stick of string cheese
1 serving of fat-free all natural yogurt
Blue natural food coloring
Handful yogurt covered raisins
2 sticks of cheddar cheese (cut into 6 pieces)
2-3 pieces of lunch meat
1 serving of Goldfish crackers (Smokin' BBQ flavor)

1.  Tear a stick of string cheese into three long and two short pieces as shown.  Place in your container and alternate with grape tomatoes.  In a small square container put yogurt and mix with blue natural food coloring.  Place in the upper left hand corner of the container to make the flag.  Drop in a few yogurt covered raisins.

2.  In a side dish, place Goldfish crackers.  I used "Smokin' BBQ" flavor to go with the theme of Memorial Day BBQs.  

3.  Roll each stick of cheddar cheese in a small slice of lunch meat and arrange as shown in another side dish.  This doesn't have much to do with Memorial Day other than meat and cheese is on most appetizer tables or BBQs at this holiday's parties.

I hope you had a great holiday weekend, remember to follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube for great updates, fun ideas, and helpful tutorials!


  1. Thanks Jenn, my daughter didnt end up eating the yogurt because she thought it was "blue goo." Oh well, it reinforces that I need to tell her everything thats in the lunch beforehand!

  2. I love the Raisin stars. I apparently packed the wrong kind of cream cheese in my daughters but she did eat the blue yoghurt you never know with kids!

    1. You just gotta try stuff till it works. For my kids sometimes it changes by the day!

  3. I love the "stars" in the yogurt :) Thanks so much for linking up to the 4th of July Linky Party & Happy Independence Day!

    1. Thanks and thanks for setting up the linky party!


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