A Snoopy Christmas Food Art Lunch Recipe

Monday, December 13, 2021

 A Snoopy Christmas Food Art Lunch Recipe

Who doesn't love Snoopy at Christmas? Whether you watch A Charlie Brown Christmas, read Peanuts, or just enjoy everything Snoopy, this can be a fun and unexpected lunch! Snoopy, Charlie Brown, and the rest of the Peanuts gang are iconic and can make a great holiday recipe whether it's in a lunchbox or a snack during Christmas break.

For the side dishes, I just used some holiday-themed snacks that I found at the grocery store. The snowflakes are chips and the tree is a marshmallow dessert. I placed it on top of crackers and some sliced meat. Don't worry, the meat wasn't touching the marshmallow. To see how to make Snoopy, keep reading!

A Snoopy Christmas Food Art Lunch Recipe

Ingredients: Red apple, fresh mozzarella cheese or Babybel cheese, black olives, strawberry, cream cheese, yellow sweet pepper, mini cucumber, sliced white cheese, blueberries, black food coloring.


1. Cut apple into two pieces. You will need a top of the doghouse and a bottom of the doghouse. If needed, rub the sides and back with lemon or lime to prevent browning.

A Snoopy Christmas Food Art Lunch Recipe

2. Cut pieces of mozzarella or Babybel into a head, stomach, and feet of Snoopy. Hold the pieces together with a toothpick. Assemble Snoopy and doghouse in main compartment of lunchbox. Place a strawberry and cream cheese Santa hat on Snoopy. 

3. Use black olive for Snoopy's nose, eye, collar, and ear. It can all be held on with toothpick pieces. 

4. The Christmas lights on Snoopy's doghouse can be made with sweet peppers, mini cucumbers, and black food coloring. 

5. Use blueberries for the night sky and white cheese for the stars and the snow on the ground. 

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