Dr. Seuss The Grinch Who Stole Christmas School Lunch Recipe Ideas

Monday, December 2, 2019

One of our most cherished Christmas tales is Dr. Seuss' The Grinch Who Stole Christmas! You and your family might be able to relate to this. It is not only fun and imaginative, it also is a classic with a great message. I have done a few other Grinch lunches, but this time around I wanted to try to come up some recipe ideas that were closer to the original story. The problem is that I can't really draw...other than stick figures. But I found out that the details of the Grinch's face are pretty easy to recreate. So if you can't draw like me, this is perfect for you!

What do you think, would your kids like to get this lunch? My kids loved the almonds but the celery was a bit more of a challenge. Keep reading to find out how I made it and what ideas you can use for your own kids' lunches!

Ingredients: Green spinach tortilla wrap, black food coloring marker (or black food coloring and toothpick), sliced cheddar cheese, nori, sliced meat, Christmas shaped pretzels, red sweet pepper, white cheese, flavored almonds, snowman marshmallow, celery sticks, cream cheese.

1. Cut the Grinch's head out of tortilla. Use the first one to trace and cut two more. Layer in cheese and meat with one tortilla piece in the middle. Cut nose out of tortilla scrap and eyes our of cheddar cheese.

2. Use black food coloring marker to draw the details on the Grinch's face. His eyes are cut out of nori (roasted seaweed snack) and placed on the cheddar cheese. Drop pretzels in main compartment of lunchbox and place Grinch sandwich on top.

3. Cut Santa hat out of red sweet pepper or bell pepper. Use white cheese for the brim and ball of the hat. Place on Grinch head.

4. In one side compartment drop flavored almonds. I used Skinny Dipped almonds that had nice red and white colors for Christmas. I topped with a snowman marshmallow that we found at our local store. Those are super fun!

5. In the second side compartment fill celery sticks with cream cheese and place red sweet pepper pieces on top to make a candy cane design. Serve to your kids and feel your heart grow three sizes because of their delight!


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