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Friday, December 28, 2018

This is a sponsored post in partnership with DreamWorks Animation Television. All opinions are my own.
How to make a 3Below: Tales of Arcadia meal for watching the show on Netflix! Trollhunters

My kids are huge fans of Trollhunters, so when they heard that the second chapter of the Tales of Arcadia series was coming to Netflix, they couldn't have been more excited. In fact, the day 3Below was released last week, they started watching it that very morning! So to celebrate the latest series from the team at DreamWorks animation, we had to do a few recipes for it. Read below to see how we made these fun meals, but first watch the trailer to find out why we are so pumped for 3Below!

Luug Sandwich:

How to make a 3Below: Tales of Arcadia meal for watching the show on Netflix!

One of our favorite characters in 3Below is Luug, who is a dog on earth but an alien when in space. This dog/alien is such a clown and brings laughter into every episode! After all, who doesn't love a dog/alien?

Ingredients: Whole wheat bread, provolone cheese, nori (roasted seaweed), pepperoni, black olive.

1. Cut whole wheat bread into head, muzzle, and ear shapes. Use crust to make the dark brown of the eyes.

2. Slice provolone cheese into the shape of the white parts of Luug's head including muzzle, ears, teeth, and eyes.

3. Cut nori into circles for the black parts of the eyes and Luug's mouth shape.

4. Use your knife to slice olive into the shape of the nose, and pepperoni into the shape of Luug's tongue.

5. Assemble Luug's head using my photo as a guide. Enjoy eating while experiencing 3Below: Tales of Arcadia as a family!

Aja Mashed Potatoes and Noodles:
I came up with something different for this meal since Tales of Arcadia: 3Below is such a unique show. Aja and Krel are two of the main characters, along with their bodyguard Vex. The series follows these heroes as they are escaping their home planet and land on earth. Actually, they crash land in Arcadia, which is the same town where Trollhunters takes place. Their quest is to blend in so they aren't caught by the intergalactic bounty hunters. Not only that, but they must repair their ship so that they can return home to defend their planet. Pretty amazing, right? My family thinks so!


Since we are watching the show over the holiday break, I didn't make a lunch, but more of a small meal/big snack. The ingredients are actually pretty simple and this is my first try at making mashed potatoes into a cartoon character! The character is obviously Aja the royal alien teenager, but the secret to how I made her blue is below in the directions!


Ingredients: Mashed potatoes, natural or artificial food coloring, glass noodles, nori (roasted seaweed), cream cheese, blueberries.

1. Prepare mashed potatoes according to your favorite recipe. Make sure they are not lumpy. Mix in either artificial or natural food coloring. I used blue spirulina powder, but you can use anything that will give it a neon blue tint.

2. Boil water on the stove, dropping in the same food coloring while you are bringing it to a boil. Prepare the glass noodles according to package directions. Glass noodles are almost transparent so they are easily dyed different colors. You can find them online or in the asian food section of your local grocery store.

3. Drop some of the mashed potatoes on the plate and start forming them into Aja's face. Her face is very smooth with large eyes and a tiny nose. Use my photo above for inspiration.

4. Once you have the potatoes formed how you want them, surround them with the glass noodles to create her hair.

5. Cut the nori into the shape of her eyes and a thin piece for her mouth. You will also want very small circles for the middle of her eyes. Dye a small amount of cream cheese using the same food coloring. Place the large black part of the eyes on the face first, followed by a small ball of cream cheese, then a small circle of nori, then a smaller ball of cream cheese, and then an even smaller circle of nori. It sounds way more complicated than it actually is.

6. Finish by arranging blueberries around her neck, creating Aja's uniform.

Don't forget to serve this to your kids (or even have them help make it) while you are having fun watching Tales of Arcadia: 3Below on Netflix over the break!

How to make a 3Below: Tales of Arcadia meal for watching the show on Netflix!


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