An Easy Buddy the Elf Christmas Lunch

Monday, December 17, 2018

How to make an easy Buddy the Elf Christmas movie lunch for your kids!

It's almost Christmas and I'm almost out of lunch ideas. Thankfully this is the last day to make a special lunch before my kids are off for a few weeks, and then I can recharge. I wanted to go out with a simple but super fun bang though. Basically, if you can cut a triangle, you can make this Elf lunch. It is always one of our favorite Christmas movies to watch each year. It's definitely in my top three along with A Christmas Story and Christmas Vacation.

The point is, you can do this. You can make this lunch for your kids. I just made a green spinach wrap tortilla sandwich, placed it above a mop of Buddy the Elf's curly hair (orange corkscrew pasta), and surrounded it with an homage to the way he decorated the store with tons of snowflakes. Throw in a few red and green touches and you are finished! It's really easy. Read below for the rest of the recipe and have a very merry Christmas. Just remember, "The best way to spread Christmas cheer is to sing aloud for all to hear!"

How to make an easy Buddy the Elf Christmas movie lunch for your kids!
Ingredients: Green spinach wrap tortilla, sliced cheddar cheese, turkey, orange corkscrew pasts, grape tomatoes, snowflake shaped pretzels (or crackers), Babybel cheese, red and green vegetables or fruit.

1. Cook corkscrew pasta. I used a vegetable based pasta because it comes in different colors. Let pasta cool.

2. Cut spinach wrap into three large triangle shapes. Stuff with turkey and cheese. Cut one slice of cheese to fit on top for the stripe on Buddy's hat. Place in main compartment of lunchbox.

3. Surround top of elf hat with snowflake pretzels or crackers. Arrange pasta below the hat for hair. Finish with a grape tomato on the side of the hat for his red feather.

4. Drop more grape tomatoes in side compartment. Use snowflake cookie cutter on wax on Babybel cheese to create a design on the top. Place cheese on top of tomatoes.

5. In second side compartment arrange red and green fruits and veggies. I used raspberries and snap peas. Finish by singing aloud for all to hear! Whatever you do, just don't sit on a throne of lies.



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