The Boxtrolls Movie Night With Bonus Recipe and Craft!

Monday, January 26, 2015

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The Boxtrolls Movie Night Craft and Recipe

My family is constantly on the go. Between school, tutoring, basketball, and a myriad of other events, we seem to be constantly going in different directions. Every once in awhile, it's necessary to gather everyone together for some fun family time. To make this happen we have to actually plan this into our schedule. If you are having difficulty finding time for this, I strongly recommend scheduling it as well. Family time is so important to catch up, have fun, and just relax together. 

When we found out that The Boxtrolls was coming out on Blu-ray and DVD, we had to plan a family movie night to see it. My kids loved it (although it might be a little scary for younger kids). I liked the message that anybody can and should stand up for what is right. Plus, I can always get behind the message that cheese is very tasty.

The Boxtrolls Movie Night Craft and Recipe

I always like to pass on ideas to you that you can use to bring your family closer together. A movie night doesn't have to just be sitting and watching a movie. Hopefully these ideas will help you think "outside of the box." Alright, that was pretty bad, but these two ideas are not. Below is an easy craft and fun recipe for you to use for your own The Boxtrolls movie night! All you have to do to prepare is head to your local Walmart to pick up The Boxtrolls and some Pop Secret popcorn (while supplies last). I love the flavor of the Movie Theatre Butter  and Home-Style but you can choose whatever Pop Secret flavor you like. The most important thing is to set the time aside for your family to have fun together!

Craft: The Boxtrolls Custom Popcorn Box
The Boxtrolls Movie Night Craft and Recipe

This is a craft you can make right alongside your kids. You will need to make sure you have some "Chinese food" style boxes and have printed off The Boxtrolls pictures from the internet. If you don't have these boxes lying around, you can pick them up at your local craft store. If you do an internet search for "The Boxtrolls printable clip art" you should find plenty of pictures to print.

Materials Needed:
Pop Secret popcorn, 10 ct. box
Chinese food style boxes
The Boxtrolls clip art and pictures

1. Print The Boxtrolls clip art and pictures off the internet. Cut out the pictures or, if your kids are old enough, have them cut out the pictures themselves. Fold the top flaps of the Chinese food boxes inside the box.
2. Let your kids choose their own Boxtrolls picture cutouts and tape them to their Chinese food boxes. Encourage them to use their imagination to make any design they desire.
3. Pop the Pop Secret popcorn according to directions and fill each box with the tasty snack. Serve to your kids in their own customized The Boxtrolls popcorn box to enjoy during the movie.

The Boxtrolls Movie Night Craft and Recipe

Recipe: Winnie's Tasty Popcorn Boxes
The Boxtrolls Movie Night Craft and Recipe

This tasty dessert is a variation of the old fashioned popcorn ball. We just used a different colored marshmallow and shaped it into a box to go along with the theme of The Boxtrolls!

2, 3.5 ounce bags Pop Secret popcorn
6 ounces butter
5 cups chocolate marshmallows
Wax paper

1. Pop the Pop Secret popcorn according to directions. Melt butter in large pot. Add marshmallows and melt them as well. Stir mixture constantly.
2. Add in popcorn and stir well.
3. Remove from heat. Take spoonfuls of mixture and form into cube shapes with your hands. Place cubes on wax paper to cool.
4. Serve to your family for dessert while watching The Boxtrolls!

The Boxtrolls Movie Night Craft and Recipe


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