The Boxtrolls Lunch

Monday, January 26, 2015

Last week my family got together and had a movie night when The Boxtrolls came out on Blu-ray. We also did a fun recipe and craft. You can see all the directions for those HERE. Because we had such a fun time, I thought it would be natural to do a Boxtrolls lunch for my daughter this week. 

Even though it was a creative and fun animated movie, the Boxtrolls are a bit hard to recreate so I had to get creative. Of course you have Fish, the main boxtroll. I also put some wheels in the background because I thought it looked like some of the boxtroll machinery parts. I had to use an egg and some cheese as well. If you have seen the movie, you know these play a prominent part. I made this in an Easy Lunch Boxes container. When you are done with my post check out my friend's Boxtroll lunch over at Robot Squirrel and The Monkeys. Remember to follow me on all my social media channels! 

Whole wheat bread
Peanut butter (or PB substitute)
Goldfish cracker
Dried apricot
Fat free cream cheese
Black food coloring
Wagon Wheel Pasta
Hard boiled egg
Assorted cheeses


1. Cut bread into two squares. Spread peanut butter and jam on the squares and make a sandwich. 

2. Cut a square and facial features from a tortilla. Dab a small amount of peanut butter on the square and press onto top of the sandwich. Do the same for the goldfish. Color cream cheese with a very small amount of black food coloring and spread on the dried apricot. Press on the tortilla facial features and pinch the sides for the ears. Use a small amount of food coloring on a toothpick to color his eyes.

3. Put blueberries on a toothpick and slightly bend the pick. insert into side of sandwich. Repeat for other arm. Put a toothpick in the head and insert that into top of sandwich. "Fish" the Boxtroll should be completed now.

4. Arrange pasta and peas into main dish. Place "Fish" on top of pasta. 

5. In side dish place assorted cut up cheese. In second side dish put hard boiled egg. Write "Eggs" on top with a marker. 



  1. Awesome idea. Will give it a shot at my house.

  2. Thanks Christian, let me know how it goes!

  3. These are all great ideas. Looks like your family had a lot of fun!

  4. Replies
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  5. Amazing tips for spend time this holidays!

  6. We haven't seen the movie yet but when we do I want to make your craft! I love that you guys made popcorn boxes to match the movie! I have to pick up some take out container style boxes at the craft store for our next movie night!

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