The Big Game Lunch

Monday, January 27, 2014

So the Big Game is here (almost) and I can't wait.  The football, the commercials, the parties, its a fun day.  I also loved that my daughter told me yesterday that she wanted to watch football with me.  For that reason I made her this Big Game lunch.  I don't want to risk any copyright infringement but you know what game I'm talking about.  

This is a fairly easy lunch made in an Easy Lunch Boxes container.  You can probably also tell what team my family is rooting for.  We are actually Oakland Raider fans so there is no way we can cheer for the Broncos.  It is Seahawks all the way for us.  If you want to see the Raider lunch I made last year, CLICK HERE.  Have fun and remember to follow me on all my social media sites to get so much more great stuff!

--2 slices of bread
--String cheese, and other types of your favorite cheese
--Healthy lunch meat
--Celery sticks
--Peanut butter
--Roasted seaweed snack
--Popcorn, different colors if desired
--Optional: molds to make cheese Lego referee and football player and food coloring

1.  Lay down slice of bread on the bottom of main dish.  Put meat and cheese on top of half the bread.  Cut other piece of bread in the shape of a football.  Put on top of cheese.
2.  Spread peanut butter on celery slices.  Place first row peanut butter up.  Put second row peanut butter down.  Celery slices will stick together and be the football field.
3.  Tear string cheese into pieces.  Put three strings on celery for line markers and then place one long and four short pieces on the football bread.
4.  Cut a 5 and 0 out of another white cheese.  Place on the celery for the 50 yard line.
5.  If desired, make lego shaped cheese guys with a silicone mold.  It is available online many places,  Use food coloring and a toothpick to decorate.
6.  Cut roasted seaweed snack into a football jersey shape.  It is basically a shirt shape.  Put two strips of cheese on for numbers and two strips on for stripes around the shoulders.  Place in side dish.
7.  In second side dish, place colored popcorn.  You can use your favorite teams colors or just use plain popcorn.  What's a sporting event without this!

I hope you have a great party and next year will be the Raider's year, I'm sure of it!

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