Week 18: A Super Lunch: Oakland Raiders

Monday, February 4, 2013

Raiders kids bento lunch
Week 18: A Super Lunch!  Last night was the Super Bowl, so I decided to go with a football theme for the lunch today.  Our house is filled with Raider fans (including my kids) so I tried to use Raider colors.  Unfortunately, there aren't many healthy foods with silver and black coloring so I did the best I could.  This turned out to be another easy lunch that you could make at home and even adapt to your own home team, except the 49ers, I forbid that!

The Raiders football is just a PB&J sandwich with some cream cheese on top.  I used food coloring for the black parts a few grey sprinkles for the silver.  I also used some silver sprinkle type balls for the accents in the black grapes.

I also threw in some goldfish crackers and then finished it off with slices of cutie oranges to add some more color.  If your team has different colors there are many more options you could do to make it fun.  I can't wait for baseball season to do an Oakland A's lunch, yellow and gold will work great!

I also want to thank Justin Starratt for the design of my new logo and header.  He did an awesome job which allowed me to redesign my blog.  Also, thanks to Pete Rich for setting it up and his help in the design area.  My site looks so much better now!

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