Disney Encanto Movie School Lunch Recipe

Monday, January 10, 2022

 Disney Encanto Movie School Lunch Recipe

If you've been on Disney+ lately, there's no way to miss the delightful movie Encanto. My kids were begging to watch it so we finally found the time. The art and storyline were all "magical!" Of course, the soundtrack is great because it was written by Lin Manuel Miranda. My daughter is a huge fan and her favorite song is, "We don't talk about Bruno." I won't give away any more because you will have to watch it for yourself. I decided it was time for me to make a food art lunch to celebrate this fun family Disney movie!

I started with a base of tortillas that I made into a sandwich with cheese and meat. However, as it turns out you can't even see them. They were shaped like the walkway into the house. Mirabel's head covered most of it which turned out to be fine. Just know there is a sandwich underneath for some extra food. You should also know that I have quite a bit of trouble making lips. I always have. My daughter didn't mind. To find out how I made the rest, keep reading.

Disney Encanto Movie School Lunch Recipe

Ingredients: Whole-wheat tortillas, salami, sliced cheese, red and yellow sweet pepper, cream cheese, pink and black food coloring, figs, fondant, pink and purple candies, snap peas.


1. Make background in main compartment with tortillas, salami, and cheese. On top, place a whole wheat tortilla shaped like Mirabel's face. Surround with figs for her hair and eyebrows. I stuck round food picks in for her earrings. Her nose is whole wheat tortilla and I made her mouth out of cream cheese and red sweet pepper. 

2. The flowers can be made by dying cream cheese pink. Then spread it on a tortilla and cut it out using a small flower-shaped vegetable cutter. Then cut the butterflies out of yellow sweet pepper.

Disney Encanto Movie School Lunch Recipe

3. Use any pink and purple candies for the side compartment. These were perfect because of the flower design.

Disney Encanto Movie School Lunch Recipe

4. In the last side compartment I used snap peas. Chispi the capybara was made with whole wheat tortilla. I created his eye out of cream cheese, tortilla, and a bit of fig. I finished it off with some facial features using black food coloring. 

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