How to Make a Ladybug School Lunch For Your Kids!

Thursday, September 2, 2021

 This is a sponsored post in partnership with Red Sun Farms. All opinions are my own.
How to Make a Ladybug School Lunch!

There aren't many insects as magical as ladybugs. And there isn't anything much more magical at lunchtime than when your kid eats all of the food in their lunchbox. For those of you parents who need a little more magic in your life this school year, this lunch is for you. Not only will your kids love the look and taste of the Red Sun Farms Tomato Ladybugs, but you will love that they are eating their fruits and vegetables!

How to Make a Ladybug School Lunch!

Our family is a huge fan of all of Red Sun Farms delicious tomatoes, but I personally appreciate the convenience of these organic grape tomatoes. We pick them up at our local grocery store and usually have a container open on the countertop. They make for a quick and tasty snack as I'm walking through the kitchen but are also fantastic to easily include in a school lunch like we've done here in this post. There's really no wrong way to use them. So here is how to create this food art ladybug lunch so that your kids can enjoy them at school!

Ingredients: Red Sun Farms organic grape tomatoes, black olives, fresh spinach, whole wheat bread, sliced turkey, cheddar cheese, white cheese, green fruit or vegetable for background, strawberries, vanilla yogurt.

How to Make a Ladybug School Lunch!

1. Cut a grape tomato in half lengthwise. Then cut a small slit at one end. Make as many tiny, shallow holes in the top with a knife as you want spots.

2. Slice the end off a black olive and then cut small pieces of olives for the spots. Stuff spots into holes in tomato. Place end of olive onto end of tomato for the head. Use a toothpick to help keep it on if needed. Repeat with desired number of ladybugs and place each one on a piece of fresh spinach.

How to Make a Ladybug School Lunch!

3. Make your kid's favorite sandwich. I used whole wheat bread, turkey, and cheese. Top with ladybugs. Make cheese flowers out of cheddar cheese and white cheese and place on sandwich. Put in main compartment of lunchbox.

4. Make more cheese flowers. Fill background of side compartment with a green fruit or vegetable and top with cheese flowers.

5. Cut two strawberries into roses, there are many tutorials online and it is very easy. Drop on top of yogurt in other side compartment and you're done!

The next time you are grocery shopping, don't forget to check the produce aisle and pick up a few containers of these fresh and juicy Red Sun Farms organic grape tomatoes so that you can create these ladybugs and put some magic in your kid's lunchbox!


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    1. This is so creative and unique. It would be a good idea to give to kids who skip lunch. They won't resist eating them. I had sandwich with NVQ assignment writer this morning. However, I am concerned about the toothpick, I personally don't prefer giving them to kids.

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  3. I love Red Sun Farms organic grape tomatoes too - they're perfect for a healthy snack or adding to meals. This food art ladybug lunch is such a fun idea for kids to enjoy at school! It makes eating fruits and veggies more exciting while still being nutritious. Can't wait to try it out myself!
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