How to Make Rice-A-Roni Savory Mini Waffles

Tuesday, February 2, 2021

This is a sponsored post in partnership with Rice-A-Roni. All opinions are my own.  
How to Make Rice-A-Roni Savory Mini Waffles

If you think Rice-A-Roni is amazing, wait until you see what you can do with the leftovers! Our family loves all Rice-A-Roni varieties, which is why we always have it on hand. It is so convenient to store in the cupboard and break out for an easy mealtime solution. But do you know what is also an easy mealtime idea? Leftover Rice-A-Roni! 

How to Make Rice-A-Roni Savory Mini Waffles

We recently discovered this idea when we had leftovers and asked, "Will Rice-A-Roni waffle?" The answer is not only "yes it can" but "yes you should!" These mini waffles are great for kids and adults alike because they are so simple to make. Even your kids can help by stirring up this mixture, giving you a good excuse to spend time together in the kitchen. So, gather your kids, a few ingredients, and your waffle iron to make these delicious savory mini waffles!

Rice-A-Roni Savory Mini Waffles

Makes 2 Servings, 6 Mini Waffles (3 Mini Waffles Per Serving)

Ingredients: 2 cups Rice-A-Roni, prepared, 3/4 cup frozen mixed vegetables, 1 egg, grilled chicken (optional)

How to Make Rice-A-Roni Savory Mini Waffles


1. Prepare Rice-A-Roni according to package directions. Cover and chill in refrigerator for at least an hour. In a bowl combine chilled Rice-A-Roni, vegetables, and egg. We prefer Lower Sodium Chicken Flavor Rice-A-Roni. 

How to Make Rice-A-Roni Savory Mini Waffles

2. In heated waffle iron, place 1/3 cup rice mixture. 

How to Make Rice-A-Roni Savory Mini Waffles

3. Cook mixture until golden brown and crispy. Cooking times will vary depending on your waffle maker. 

How to Make Rice-A-Roni Savory Mini Waffles

4. Remove from waffle iron and repeat until desired number of waffles are made. 

5. If you would like, sprinkle chopped green onions on top and pair with your favorite type of grilled chicken strips.

How to Make Rice-A-Roni Savory Mini Waffles

The next time you are grocery shopping remember to replenish your supply of Rice-A-Roni so you will not only have dinner covered, but a delicious "waffled" meal for the next day as well! 

Nutritionals (per 1 serving ~3 mini waffles):

Cals: 305 | Fat: 3.9g | Sat Fat: .79g | Trans Fat: .01g | Chol: 93mg | Carbs: 57.76g | Fiber: 2.35g | Sugar: 3.63g | Added Sugar: 0g | Sodium: 692.84 mg

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