Halloween Creepy Zombie and Mummy Wraps Lunch

Sunday, October 6, 2019

How to Make a Halloween Zombie and Mummy Wraps Lunch

Halloween is coming, but I needed something quick and easy to make for my kids' lunches because this weekend has been craaaazzzzzyyyy! I was already making burritos for something else, so I decided to just go with some wraps. Ok they are creepy monsters in the shape of a wrap, but they won't bite you as you are biting them...maybe.

Both wraps are stuffed with my kids' favorite things but the outsides are a bit different. I made the zombie one with a spinach wrap tortilla and carrot shreds for the hair and mouth. The eyes are cheese and black olives. For the mummy I used a normal flour tortilla with white cheese strips for the bandages, and cheddar cheese and red bell pepper for the eyes. I cut the wraps in half and packed half in each of my older kids' school lunchboxes.

How to Make a Halloween Zombie and Mummy Wraps Lunch

In the side compartment I used ghost shaped chips that I bought at a local grocery store and salsa and guacamole for dipping. It's pretty simple, but a fun Halloween lunch doesn't have to be complicated!

How to Make a Halloween Zombie and Mummy Wraps Lunch

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