How to Make a VSCO Girl TikTok lunch

Sunday, September 22, 2019

How to Make a VSCO Girl TikTok lunch

Do you have a VSCO Girl living at your house? There are a few sure ways to find out. Is your middle school or high school aged girl walking around constantly wearing oversized t-shirts or hoodies along with short-shorts and a puka shell necklace? Do you hear excited chatterings that sound like SKSKSK coming from their room? Are they always on TikTok and mutter exclamations like, "And I Oop!" Is it impossible for them to leave the house without a scrunchie and Hydro Flask water bottle while wearing Crocs, Vans, or Birkenstocks? Does your daughter have a sudden urge to save the turtles?

How to Make a VSCO Girl TikTok lunch

If these things are true of the girl living in your house, then you officially have a VSCO Girl in your family. Don't worry though, this trend seems to be fairly harmless, unless they try to talk you into buying them a Jeep and a Fjallraven's Kranken backpack! But let's be honest. We all had our teenage trend didn't we? Mine was Doc Martens, flannel, long hair, and Seattle grunge music.

How to Make a VSCO Girl TikTok lunch

So before we make too much fun of VSCO girls make sure to dig out your high school photos and laugh at your own style first. Then, make your VSCO girl this lunch that they can have fun with! Below are the ingredients so your daughter can open it up at lunchtime and exclaim SKSKSK when she sees how much you love her. At least, I hope my 13-year-old does!

How to Make a VSCO Girl TikTok lunch

iPhone with TikTok: Dark wheat bread, white cheese, lunch meat, nori (roasted seaweed), red wax from cheese.

Birkenstocks: Wheat bread, crust of bread, cream cheese to hold it together.

Turtle: Puka shell pasta, broccoli, snap peas.

And I Oop: Cheese and salami.

SKSKSK: Cheese and grape tomatoes.



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