Super Mario School Lunch Recipe

Monday, August 26, 2019

Super Mario Bros School Lunch Recipe

My kids have really been into Super Mario lately. From playing Super Mario Bros. 3 on our NES Classic, to Mario Kart on our Nintendo Switch, to Super Mario Maker 2 on their DS, they have loved Mario for a long time and seemingly can't get enough of him!

Because of this, and school starting, it was time to make them another Super Mario lunch. One of my most popular blog posts is showing how to make a Nintendo themed birthday party, so I guess I'm not alone in our family's addiction to these video game characters. If your family is into Nintendo and Mario like mine, is keep reading to see how to make your own Mario Bros. themed lunch for your kids' lunchboxes!

Super Mario Bros School Lunch Recipe

Ingredients: Dark wheat bread, whole wheat bread, provolone cheese, sliced cheddar cheese, sliced turkey, strawberries, nori (roasted seaweed snack), baby carrots, raspberries, white cheese chunks, blueberries, dried mango.

1. Use a circle cookie cutter to cut one circle and one half circle out of bread. Place one over another to make Mario's head. Use a smaller cutter to make his nose. Cut triangle ears, sideburns, eyebrows, and mustache out of bread. Assemble on top of slice of dark wheat bread to make Mario's face as shown in photo. If needed, use a dab of honey on each piece to keep in place.

2. Cut two circles of cheese for the eyes and one for his hat. Then cut two smaller circles of nori and one "M" for eyes and hat. Place where shown. In main compartment of lunchbox put sliced cheddar cheese and turkey (or another lunch meat). Top with slice of dark wheat bread with Mario's head.

3. Slice strawberries into pieces as shown for the hat. They don't need to be perfect, just fit together. Make sure to add three strawberry ends above eyebrows for the brim of the hat. Top with circle of white cheese and "M."

Super Mario Bros School Lunch Recipe

4. In side compartment place baby carrots as background. Stuff raspberries with a chunk of cheese. Cut cheese circles and "glue" on with a dab of honey. My daughter loved the taste of these Power-Up Mushrooms!

Super Mario Bros School Lunch Recipe

5. In second side compartment drop blueberries. Cut dried mango into the shape of stars. Draw eyes on with black food coloring if desired and arrange on top of blueberries for star power.

Super Mario Bros School Lunch Recipe

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