How to Snack Healthier on a Family Road Trip

Thursday, August 15, 2019

This is a sponsored post in partnership with Chase Freedom Unlimited. All opinions are my own.
Chase Freedom Unlimited

My kids, wife, and I just finished an epic family road trip traveling from Oklahoma to northern California. We hit the road to visit family and friends. My wife and kids headed out before me and then I joined them a few weeks later. We drove all around the state that we used to call home, and then headed back across the country to the state we where we now live. We laughed and relaxed, enjoyed being around our loved ones, and put many miles on our minivan.

One of our goals for this year is to travel more together and make memories that we will talk about for many years to come. Thanks to Chase Freedom Unlimited, we are fulfilling our goal on a regular basis. Recently I have shared with you about how the cash back rewards are helping us to share experiences that we otherwise wouldn't be able to have. Here are a few of those memories we made!

While on our family road trip we spent time at the beach with family friends. While I don't especially enjoy getting sand everywhere, this is one of my wife's favorite places on earth.

Summer Road Trip

We also were able to visit family in the city of San Francisco. The traffic makes it a challenging place to get around, but there really isn't a city like it anywhere else in the country.

Summer Family Road Trip

Along the way we were able to have some unique dining experiences, like here at this steakhouse in Amarillo, Texas. This might be the largest cow sculpture that I have ever seen!

Summer Family Road Trip

One of the things that we found especially helpful was learning how to snack smarter while on the road. It used to be that no matter where you stopped, your choices were chips, cookies, and soda. Thankfully that is not the case anymore. We found that if you look hard enough, you can find plenty of stops along the way that offer healthy summer snack options, so you don't have to pack in the calories while you enjoy eating on the way to your next stop.

Of course we brought along our Chase Freedom Unlimited card so that we could continue to earn 1.5% back on every purchase we made on this trip. That way we could apply our cash back rewards to our next trip. Here are a few common snacks that we found at many of the roadside gas stations and truck stops. We also wanted to share a few of our own family friendly snacks that are easy to bring with you, no matter how long your journey is. After all, aren't kids always hungry?

Chase Freedom Unlimited

Pick These Up At a Truck Stop or Gas Station
1. Fresh fruit
I love that many stops that used to have only prepackaged snacks are now giving the option for fresh fruit. When you are tired of all the salt and carbs, this is my favorite option on the road. It just rejuvenates you!

Chase Freedom Unlimited

2. String Cheese
A staple for your kids at home can now be your on-the-go snack as well. It's hard to keep cool if you pack it while at home, so look for it in the refrigerated section by the drinks!

Healthy summer snacks

3. Beef Jerky
The great thing about beef jerky is that it actually lasts more than a minute because it takes awhile to get through an entire bag. Just break out your cash back credit card and get a bag that doesn't have a ton of extra additives. A pro tip is to skip the sugar loaded flavors and choose the original old fashioned instead.

healthy summer snacks

Stock up on These Before You Leave Your House
1. Dried Fruit
This can be healthy and satisfying. Our kids love dried mango, but just get a couple different varieties. Some have added sugar so check the label before you buy them. Freeze dried fruit can also be a crunchy favorite.

healthy summer snacks

2. Applesauce Pouches
These packets are super convenient and help you skip the mess on your car seats and clothes. Just get a whole case because you can go through them quickly. A huge plus is that no refrigeration is needed!

healthy summer snacks

3. Trail Mix
It's an oldie but a goodie. The trap here is when you fall for the ones loaded with candy. Stay the course and get trail mix with nuts and dried fruit. You can also put your Chase Freedom Unlimited card to use and get your favorite ingredients from the store to make your own. Just store it in a resealable bag so it doesn't spill everywhere.

As you can see, incorporating healthier snacking habits on family road trips has never been easier! The keys are to plan ahead to bring food from home, when you do stop search for the good stuff, and have your Chase Freedom Unlimited card ready. That way you are always earning on every purchase bringing you one step closer to your goal and your next trip. What destination is my family experiencing next? Keep checking back to find out!


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