When I Became a Dad, I Became...

Sunday, June 18, 2017

This is a sponsored post in partnership with Pampers. All opinions are my own.

When you are single and childless you have plans for your life and you see things a certain way. There are natural talents you have and skills that you see you could develop one day. From an early age I realized that I wanted to work in an office type of job and probably didn't want to focus on manual labor. Not that there is anything wrong with that, I worked construction and landscaping for years in high school and college. I just knew that I was built for something different. So I earned a degree and went off into my career, imagining how I would change the world.

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A little while later I became a dad, and while I hadn't yet changed the world around me, my whole world had changed. Not only that, but I had changed as well. How I viewed coffee, how I saw other parents with crying kids in the store, and how I experienced (or rather didn't experience) sleep was all different. Before kids, I never realized how much children change you. I became someone I never thought I would be, with skills I never imagined I would have. I was thinking about this recently when I sent out this tweet.

As I have had more kids I have learned that the life skills you pick up along the way are invaluable. As evidenced by the tweet above, you could actually say that I've become an engineer (of toys), waiter, garbage man, and janitor. All noble professions for sure, just not what I was expecting when I was younger. Of course, the laundry list of what you actually do when you become a parent is larger than, well, all of the literal laundry that you have to do as a parent. Then again, maybe not! So in honor of Father's Day I picked one thing I became to each of my children when I became their dad. 

1. When I became a dad to Abby, I became a professional chef.
There are those who know how to prepare a delectable meal that will satisfy even the toughest food critic. However, my daughter taught me that it is just as important to know the perfect microwave time for chicken nuggets, and that buttered noodles with a side of grapes can be quite the delicacy. Just make sure those grapes don't have any microscopic spots on them. She can spot those at 50 yards.

2. When I became a dad to Michael, I became a long haul truck driver.
Why a trucker? Because when you have a child you learn that you can haul your kid, their favorite toy, and your ice cold cup of coffee around to every room of the house, all while putting everyone else's shoes away in the correct closet. You also discover that cargo shorts were actually built to carry diapers, wipes, and sippy cups to the park, mall, and grocery store. Anyone who claims that these essential parental clothing tools shouldn't be worn anymore is not currently a father of a small child. 

3. When I became a dad to Zachary, I became an urgent care toy doctor. 
I never realized how much I needed to know about toys until he came along. In fact, my “toy doctor” job responsibilities also require knowledge of battery replacement techniques, advanced plastic adhesive application, and even toy assembly instructional diagram deciphering. Of course, being this kind of doctor is worth it for the joy that it brings when I lay down on the ground and we build or fix a toy together as father and son.

Most importantly when I became a father to my children, I became their "dad." On the surface this might not seem like a big deal. But from the moment they entered this world, I became a changed person. No matter how old they get, the joys they experience, or the heartbreak they go through, I will become whatever they need me to be in that moment. Because they will always be my beloved children, and I will always be their dad. Happy Father's Day!

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  1. My husband changed, when our daughter was born it was the first time I ever saw this strong man ever cry, he is a tough Navy man and for him to break was just so tiuching, then again when she said dada and so on, just watching him watch her has been wonderful

  2. My husband changed when he became a father, we had twins so all of a sudden he had twice the responsability. He worked harder to provide for them.

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