Lunchbox Dad's 2017 Father's Day Gift Guide

Friday, June 2, 2017

Father's Day

It's almost Father's Day and you are still struggling with what to get the dad or husband in your life. Don't worry because I got you covered. Not only am I including specific products that I recommend, but this year I am also giving you a couple general ideas that you can customize for your dad. This is the only guide you will need, so pick something off of this list and you won't go wrong. I was not paid to talk about any of these products. I received some items for free for testing purposes and some items I purchased on my own. Only gifts that I have personally tested are included or they wouldn't be anywhere near this list. So read on to find the perfect Father's Day gift for the dad in your life!

Grillbot Review

1. Grillbot
I was a little skeptical of this "Roomba for your BBQ" at first. I mean part of being a master (or thinking that you are a master) of the grill is putting the elbow grease into brushing the interior before you touch meat to flame. You use your elbow grease to get that surface nice and shiny. But if I'm honest with myself, that really isn't the best part of grilling. In fact I don't really look forward to it. This Grillbot took the job out of my hands and I have to tell you I'm not complaining. I had to charge it up, push the button to set the amount of minutes to clean, and then let it loose. It was kind of strange hearing it banging around on the inside of my BBQ at first, but when it was done I was highly impressed. It did a better job than I have ever done. If your dad is a grilling aficionado, I highly recommend this tool. Just don't turn on the grill while it's inside! MSRP: $139

Eone timepiece review

2. Eone Timepieces
If the dad in your life loves accessories that are different and spur on conversation, this is the gift for them! It is also designed with the vision impaired in mind. This is where this timepiece gets really cool. It keeps time with two ballbearings instead of hands. This gives you the ability to look at it, or feel it with your hand to tell what time it is. Honestly it takes a day or two to get used to the position of the ball bearings, but when you do it becomes second nature. One thing I really enjoy about this watch is the band. Normally I can't stand metal bands because they pull my arm hair. This mesh band is extremely comfortable and doesn't pull my hair at all. The bonus part of this watch is that a portion of all the sales go to The Seeing Eye, which is the oldest guide dog school in the world. MSRP: $285+

Crown Maple Syrup Review

3. Crown Maple
You don't normally see maple syrup on a Father's Day gift list but this is no ordinary maple syrup. It's bourbon barrel aged for a nice subtle flavor. Crown Maple takes their syrup making process seriously. They offer gift packs and single bottles, but that's not all. Their hot sauce created in partnership with Horseshoe Brand blew me away. It's a nice temperature but the maple syrup gives it layers that you can really taste and savor. So if your dad is into hot sauce, you will absolutely want to pick up a bottle of this. By the way, I'm saving all of my Crown Maple syrup and hot sauce for myself. It's going into the safe or something because it's too good to share with my kids. MSRP: $19.95

Nintendo Switch Review
4. Nintendo Switch
My kids and I have been loving this new Switch video game system. It is actually the first Nintendo that we've been able to play altogether as a family and we love it. I honestly didn't know that I would be this impressed with it, but it is so fun to play games like Legend of Zelda and Mario Kart with my kids at the ages that they are. When we race, we even let my three-year-old have a "remote," or what he thinks is a remote. With the way this goes from playing it on the TV, to being completely mobile, I don't know why no one has made a game system like this before. Insider tip: You will love playing the new Switch game ARMS with your kids. It isn't out yet but we received an advance copy and it is so fun, but also challenging. Just believe me that you will want to download it! MSRP: $299

Butcher Box Review

5. Butcher Box Subscription
Nothing says Father's Day like a big box of meat. No seriously, unless your dad is a vegetarian, this is an amazing gift. You pick the choice of meat and they deliver it right to your door. We have tried a number of meat subscription services and this is our favorite. The meat is hormone free, the beef is grass fed, and the chicken is free-range organic. You can taste the quality in your meal. MSRP: Starts at $129 per box

6. Gift card to his favorite restaurant and a dinner with you
Obviously this gift takes a bit more thought to pull off, but hey, he is worth it right? You may ask, "Why buy a gift card, why not just take him out?" Because knowing dad he will probably want to pay for it or put up some sort of argument about the bill. A gift card means that the money is already spent, so if you don't use the card to pay for the meal, then it goes to waste! Plus, every good dad wants an excuse to spend more time with his kids. If you have brothers or sisters, this is also a great way to get some one-on-one time with pops, so take advantage of it! MSRP: Varies

Slickwraps review

7. Slickwraps
If your husband is a techie, or just wants his devices to stand out from the crowd, this is one of the more fun gifts that you can get him. I have been using their wraps and cases for years and they come custom for all sorts of devices from phones to laptops. The designs include carbon fiber, natural wood, retro, Star Wars, and probably hundreds more. Their wraps are easy to install and will definitely make his iPhone look unique. Right now I have an Apple Retro case on my phone and I love it. Just browse what they have to offer and I guarantee you will find something for the dad in your life. MSRP: Varies by device

Dreampad Pillow Review

8. Dreampad Pillow
If your dad or husband is anything like me, sometimes it is hard to turn off your brain at night and relax. In fact, I am typing this right now at midnight. This Dreampad pillow definitely helps you relax and drift off to sleep. It is not only extremely comfortable, but it hooks up to your smart device and plays music from their app. These songs are tested and proven to help calm you and put you to sleep. The app lets you control the volume, the amount of time that the music plays, and also lets you choose the song. I equate it to laying on a masseuse's table and listening to the music as your body relaxes. One note is that the app is hard to find in the app store. I recommend going to the website first, and using the link from there to go to the the app store. MSRP: $149 and up

9. Hat with his favorite sports team on it
What team does your father have right below his family and his job on his priority list? What team makes him "shush" everyone in the room so that he can focus on the next play that is happening on TV? What team does he have really weird rituals for because he is convinced that the exact way that he holds his drink impacts the score on the field? Buy him that team's hat. Not only is it a personal gift, but you can find some pretty unique versions of any team's hat online. Every dad needs a hat. You aren't buying what he wants, you are buying him what we needs. MSRP: Varies by hat


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