3 Ideas to Do Good and Unleash Your Child's Inner Hero

Thursday, October 20, 2016

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stride rite teenage mutant ninja turtles

My family loves Halloween. We're so excited that it's almost here. It really can't come soon enough! Every year we plan out our family costume themes. Last year we dressed up as characters from Back to the Future, but this year we are going as a family of superheroes. Actually, if my kids had their way we'd be dressing up as superheroes every year. Is it the same in your house? I imagine when October 31st hits, there will be tons of kids running around my neighborhood using their imaginary superpowers to try and get more candy.

stride rite teenage mutant ninja turtles

One of the groups of superheroes that my kids love pretending to be is the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. In fact, we found these shoes from Stride Rite which my sons would probably wear everyday if they could. They're actually perfect to wear for Halloween and to continue wearing the rest of the year. Plus, your kids can flip the straps around to change what turtles they want to be that day.

With as much as we love experiencing this Halloween season, something we like much better is finding ways to help our kids think beyond themselves. This year we decided to take a weekend and think of three ways that we could help do good for others. Halloween might be about showing your outer hero, but we want our kids to know that every day we should think of ways to unleash our inner hero and help those around us. Here are three ideas that you can easily do this weekend!

stride rite teenage mutant ninja turtles

1. Clean up your local playground.
There is a great playground down the street that we walk to on a regular basis. It's fun to get exercise and play with our kids outside. Unfortunately, there is almost always bottles, cans, and other trash on the ground around it. We took a garbage bag, and in a matter of minutes cleaned up the area together. It not only helps those who come to play after, but it gives kids ownership in something they use on a regular basis.

Stride rite teenage mutant ninja turtles

2. Donate used kids shoes to those who need it.
Kids seem to grow out of shoes before they wear them out, which makes this a perfect fit! Did you know that at every Stride Rite store you can donate used shoes, and Stride Rite will give them to the organization Soles4Souls, which then gives them out to kids who need them? You also can get 5% off a purchase when you do this.

You have to hear this next part though! If you donate shoes in a Stride Rite store by November 9th, you will get 20% off your purchase that day (15% off online) and a percentage of the profits will also be donated to Soles4Souls. Everybody wins with this idea!

stride rite teenage mutant ninja turtles

3. Make homemade cookies with your child, for their teacher.
There are so many ways you can bake a batch of cookies, that I will leave how you do it up to you. The important thing here is that you make them with your kids. It's tempting to do it yourself, just to get it done, but it is definitely better if they have a hand in it. This way they can tell their teachers that it was something that they made for them.

Those are our three ideas, what ideas do you have for unleashing your child's inner hero? Let me know in the comments below! Remember to stop by Stride Rite by November 9th in order to save 20% and also help provide shoes for kids who really need them.

stride rite teenage mutant ninja turtles


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