How to Win at Buying Shoes For Back-to-School

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

This is a sponsored post in partnership with Stride Rite shoes. I was compensated but all opinions are my own.
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Back-to-school season is in full swing, but if your kids don't have shoes, then you aren't finished shopping. Don't worry, I have you covered so you can win at back-to-school shopping. Well, at least when it comes to shoes. I want to give you some tips, show you what we decided on for my kids, and then let you in on our secret for shopping for children's shoes!

The first tip is to plan ahead. You see, many stores try and get you with huge back-to-school sales. The problem with these sales is that you might save a few dollars overall, but you will have to battle gargantuan crowds and you will end up needing a week long vacation just to recover. However if you find a store that offers great prices all the time, then you can pick up the exact shoes you need whenever you want.

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Here's your next tip. Shopping online works well for some things, but when it comes to kids shoes my family wants to be able to try them on before we buy. My kids need to be able to walk around in the shoes to see what they feel like, but it's harder to do that online. The best route is to find a place
that sells them both in store and on the internet. This way you can take a look before you go in to the store, give your kids a chance to try them on in the store, then make a decision right there, or order them online later. This gives you the freedom to make a wise choice that is best for your kids. Sometimes that's in the moment, but other times that's the next day.

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My kids want their shoes to look "cool." We ended up deciding on the Stride Rite Leepz for my two boys. My oldest son quickly exclaimed, "these are awesome!" My youngest just ran in circles looking at his own feet. Why? Because not only are they comfortable, but they look "cool." From the tough looking soles that light up like fireworks, to the digitally printed tops, to the insoles that give extra spring, they are pretty much my sons' dream shoes. Since they also have an "anti-stink" lining, and are a bargain at around $50, they are exactly what we as parents were looking for as well. When you are buying shoes for your kids they have to look like the most fun shoes in their class. After all, if your kids refuse to wear them, it doesn't matter how comfortable they are. Which leads us to the last tip.

The last way to win at back-to-school shopping is by buying shoes that will last. If your child's footwear falls apart in two months, then none of the above matters. You want a shoe brand that you can trust. That is, unless you love going kids shoe shopping so much that you want to do the entire adventure over again in a few months. For my family we trust Stride Rite shoes. We regularly find exactly what we are looking for and there is almost always a store located nearby.

stride rite leepz

Hopefully these tips can make your back-to-school shoe shopping a little less stressful. If you do it right, it has the possibility of being a fun time of bonding with your kids. If you do it wrong, well, let's just not imagine that apocalyptic meltdown at the mall. For the sake of your children, let's just assume that you will use my tips and it's going to be an incredible way to start the school year off right.

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