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Monday, August 22, 2016

school lunch

Back to school. As a parent you either love it or you hate. My daughter has had times of excitement, my oldest son goes up and down like a wave. I don't know how your kids feel about this time of year, but mine definitely have mixed feelings. My daughter was disappointed not to have some of her old friends in her class, but we have tried to encourage her to make new friends. Guess what, she has! My son was excited because one of his best friends is in his class when he thought they had been split into different classes. Needless to say it's been quite an emotional first week, but it is always is, isn't it?

From day one I wanted my kids to know that their dad was thinking about them. This is the lunch that I made for their first day of school, but it really can be made any time. Do your kids need something special for their first week of school? Try making this for them! I used an Easy Lunch Boxes container and Lunchbox Love note for this lunch.
school lunch
Ingredients: Flour tortilla, sliced turkey, sliced cheese, grapes, apple, grape tomatoes, baby carrot, strawberry, string cheese, food color markers, black food coloring, toothpick.

1. Cut tortilla into rectangle shape. Fold rectangle in half to make book shape. Cut cheese and turkey to fit inside tortilla to make pages. Write name of text book on outside with food coloring marker. Repeat with second "book." Place grapes in main compartment. Set text books on top.

2. Cut apple in half. Make shallow cuts in skin in the shape of "A+." Peel skin off and place apple in side compartment. If you are worried about the apple browning rub a wedge of lemon or lime on the cuts. This will prevent the browning.

3. Cut the ends off of a baby carrot. Slice the end off of a strawberry. Cut a piece of string cheese into a triangle shape. Press a toothpick into one side of the carrot and then the other. Put the piece of strawberry on one end and the cheese on the other. Dip cheese end into black food coloring. Place grape tomatoes into side compartment and place carrot pencil on top.

4. Finish lunch with a Lunchbox Love note if desired.

school lunch


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