How to Make a Rockin' Space Rocket Lunch

Monday, February 1, 2016

If your kids are anything like mine they would love to go into space some day soon. Although one of them could be an astronaut, I'd personally prefer them learn to clean their rooms and be graduated from car seats first. Until that time, a space themed lunch can be pretty fun instead. This one is way easier to create than you think. I bet you can make this in 10 minutes.

Ingredients: Whole wheat bread, meat for sandwich, cheddar cheese, nori, white cheese,
blackberries, all natural fruit leather, red and green grapes, tube of yogurt.

1. Cut slice of bread into rectangular shape with a triangle on one side. Kind of the shape of a tall house. Repeat with second slice of bread. Cut three triangles and one star from cheddar cheese. I use a star shaped cutter to make this a snap! Place meat and two triangles between two slices of bread. Make sure half the triangle is hanging out of the sandwich to form "fins" on the bottom.

2. In main compartment put in nori as the background. Cut a slice of white cheese in a circle shape and then cut out three smaller circles. Place on top of nori. Put sandwich on top of the cheese and nori as shown. Drop cheese triangle and star on top of sandwich. Cut fruit leather in shape of flames. Slip this underneath sandwich.

3. In side compartment place grapes for planets. In other side compartment drop in blackberries. Cut white cheese into star shapes. Put on top of blackberries. Include a fun colored yogurt in a tube for "astronaut food."

I hope your kids love this lunch as much as mine did! Remember to follow me on all my social media channels so you don't miss out on more lunch ideas, articles, and parenting fun.
rocket lunch

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