Lunchbox Dad's April Family Product Picks

Monday, April 6, 2015

Here are my Monthly Family Product Picks for April. These are 10 products that my family has loved using over the past month. From food, to tools, to toys, to household items, we are showing you stuff that will make your lives more enjoyable. Some of these items were given to us for free to try while others we found and paid for ourselves. I have NOT been paid to write about any of these products. These are just things that have been fun to use, or made our lives easier.

1. Yumbutter Go Pouches
Imagine the convenience of food pouches...except with sunflower butter and almond butter. You get multiple servings per pouch and my son loves these. Just spread them on any food you would normally put peanut butter on. Plus, for ever pouch you buy, one goes to a child in need.
yumbutter April Product Picks
2. Britax Advocate Clicktight Car Seat
When it comes to car seats, Britax knows their stuff. I love how padded this is but it still leaves room for bigger kids. You don't have to be a contortionist to anchor the seat down either, the Clicktight features lets you install the seat in seconds.

Britax Advocate Clicktight Carseat April Product Picks

3. Picasso Tiles
These building toys are geometric shapes with magnets inside. They easily stick together so your child can construct a fort, building, or tower in just a few minutes. The great thing is these building shapes (unlike other brands) won't cause you to cry like a baby when you step on one in the middle of the night.
Picasso Tiles April Product Picks

4. Tillamook Cheese Sticks
When I got married, my wife almost put "having Tillamook cheese in the fridge" as part of the contingencies of marriage. We just started trying these cheese sticks and they are just as good Tillamook's cheddar cheese.

Tillamook Cheese April Product Picks

5. Anki Drive race cars
These might be the coolest toys I...I mean my kids...own. You use your smartphone to control the cars and they even have built in weapons. You can race against other players or the computer. It's like Mario Kart on steroids. If Mario Kart was real and took place in your living room. Lunchbox Dad Anki Drive Review

Anki Drive April Product Picks

6. Ehrmann Mixim Mixies Greek Yogurt
My kids are loving these for an occasional treat. They mix in however many toppings they want. It's pop rocks and yogurt in one delicious concoction. The only problem is the noise. Don't try and take a nap when your kids are eating these.

Ehrmann Mixim Mixies April Product Picks

7. Swiffer Wet Jet
This is one of the best cleaning tools in our house right now. With three kids and a dog, it's like a parade going through our house everyday. This is only for those families with the rare kids who actually make a mess though.

Swiffer WetJet April product picks

8. Kind Bars
If heaven was made of nuts and spices, it would kind of taste like the Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt Kind Bar. There are plenty of other great varieties as well. I stash my favorites so my kids don't get ahold of them. Otherwise I run the risk of running out of these. I'm not willing to take that chance.
Kind Bars April Product Picks
9. AT&T Unite Mobile 4G/LTE Hotspot
You know those times when you really wish you had an internet connection for a few minutes of sanity, when surrounded by your kids? Well, I haven't had to worry about that since I received this prepaid hotspot. Lunchbox Dad Unite Hotspot Review

AT&T HotSpot April Product Picks

10. Britax Seat Protector
Car seats never get dirty when you have kids. Somehow kids never spill or make marks on anything in the car. So you probably will never need this. Because this is like a thick rubber floor mat for your seat. It is one of my family's new favorite items to protect the car. It is awesome.

Britax vehicle seat protector April Product Picks
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