Toy Story Jessie the Cowgirl Lunch

Monday, October 13, 2014

Toy Story Jessie Bento Lunch

You might be wondering why I made this lunch in the middle of October instead of a Halloween themed one. We do family costumes almost every year. This year happens to be Disney Pixar's Toy Story, and my daughter is going as Jessie the Yodeling Cowgirl. I have to say this year's costumes on my kids are so awesome! They might be my favorite one's they have ever worn. Anyway, I thought this would be a fun way for my daughter to talk to her friends about what she was going as for Halloween. It has a little more sugar than I normally like to put in, but hopefully it won't affect her too much.

I'm not going to lie to you. This lunch took way longer than the average one that I make. However, I think it was worth it for a special occasion. I think it took awhile because I haven't made faces on bread lately so I am a little out of practice. I just realized that is one weird sentence I just wrote. I better just get on to the recipe now. By the way this was made in an Easy Lunch Boxes container. 

Toy Story Jessie Bento Lunch
Whole wheat bread
Fat-free cream cheese
Food coloring
Peanut Butter (or nut spread substitute)
Slivered almonds (or shredded coconut)
Strawberry jam
Spinach leaves
Star shaped crackers
Red Fruit Roll-Up or fruit leather cut into strips
Babybel cheese
Sliced apple
Cheddar cheese
Black edible modeling dough

1. Cut face shape out of bread. This is actually pretty easy, don't overthink it. Place dab of cream cheese on and flatten for the eyes. Create facial features with food coloring and a toothpick.

2. Cut cowgirl hat out of another slice of bread. Use a circle cookie cutter to make it easy. Spread jam on the hat and peanut butter on the other side of the bread face. Place two piece of bread together as shown. Put almonds (or coconut) around the edge of the hat.

Toy Story Jessie Bento Lunch3. Arrange red fruit roll strips in the shape of Jessie's hair and braid. Optionally, you can use a yellow piece as a hair ribbon. In main container put spinach leaves and place sandwich on top. Surround with star crackers.

6. Cut boot shape from the wax in Babybel cheese. Place in side dish container.

7. Spread cream cheese over apple slice. Cut cheddar cheese in yellow pocket shape as shown. Flatten and shape black edible modeling dough into "cow" spots. Roll a small amount of red fruit roll up into a rope shape. Place all of these on the apple slice to form Jessie's pattern that she wears on her clothes. Place desired amount of apple slices in a side dish and put the decorated apple slice on top.

8. Serve to your little Toy Story fan or place it in the fridge for tomorrow's school lunch!

Toy Story Jessie Bento Lunch


  1. Clairene Maryann GuerraOctober 15, 2014 at 9:17 AM

    I read your (hilarious) article on why you won't be making fun bento box lunches anymore, so I had to come check out your site. I love all of your lunches, and appreciate all of the tutorials! I think I'm going to (attempt to) make some of these for my kiddos school lunch. Thanks for being so inspiring!

  2. Just so you know....... You're officially the coolest dad EVER. These are the little things your kids will remember forever!!!

    Trolls are dumb, also loved your post on them ^_^

  3. This is so awsome! I have tons of ideas but no clue where to start.. thanks for helping me get the creative juices flowing..

  4. Thanks so much for your support! Let me know how your lunches go.

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