Ghostbusters Bento Lunch

Monday, October 27, 2014

Ghostbusters Bento Lunch

Today was one of those days. My wife was gone and I thought I would be industrious and make this lunch during the afternoon with my three kids around. Any parent knows that when you are dealing with three kids, it's just a matter of time before things go sideways. The good news is I got the lunch done. The bad news is that it isn't as "Ghostbustery" as I wanted. But hey, there's the logo and there's slime, so the two most important things are there. 

My kids haven't seen the movie but we had fun putting together the Ecto-1 Lego car last month. Anyone out there remember the cartoon from the 80's? I used to watch it every Saturday morning as a kid. The one thing missing from this lunch would be the best Hi-C flavor ever invented: Ecto-Cooler. Full of sugar but boy did it taste amazing.
Ghostbusters Collage Lego Ecto 1
I made this in a Planetbox container with a Halloween Lunchbox Love note. I also used custom magnets made for the Planetbox from a company called Max and Otis. Make sure and follow me on my social media channels. Also, if you sign up for my email list you will get a free copy of my ebook with exclusive recipes. Thanks for reading!

Ghostbusters Bento Lunch
Red apple
Black food coloring
Green food coloring
Boo Chips
Orange Sweet Pepper
Snap peas
Ghost shaped Peep
Plastic Halloween decorations

1. Cut the ghost hape out of a tortilla. It is very easy to do with a sharp knife. Make the facial details with black food coloring. You could also make two pieces and melt cheese in between for a quesadilla. 

2. Slice a red apple into pieces and arrange in the main dish in a circular pattern. This was a little difficult so if you could think of another red food that would work let me know. Place tortilla on top and one apple slice on top of that to finish the Ghostbuster logo.

3. Place blackberries in side dish and arrange Halloween decorations on top. In second side dish put sliced sweet pepper and snap peas. Drop a Ghost Peep on top. I thought this kind of looked like the lazer beam the Ghostbusters use to trap ghosts. 

4. In the last side dish put some Boo Ghost Chips. In a leak proof container mix yogurt with green food coloring to make the famous slime that the Ghostbusters got covered with. 

5. Finish with a Lunchbox Love note if desired.

Ghostbusters Bento Lunch


  1. Live your Ghostbusters symbol!

  2. Thanks so much, my daughter loved it too!

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