Review: Do "Way Better Snacks" healthier chips live up to their name?

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Way Better Chip Review

Every once in awhile I come across a food product, am impressed with the sample, and am then ecstatic to tell you about it. Way Better chips is one of those products. I first discovered Way Better at the Fancy Food Show in San Francisco. When I saw their booth at the show, I was skeptical. Many times healthy chips are a step below styrofoam in the taste and texture department. However, when I tried their samples I became very interested in learning (and tasting) more. Way Better sent me bags of all their flavors to try and I have been like a kid in a candy store since the package arrived. I LOVE chips but hate that they are so unhealthy. If I am honest with you tortilla chips are my kryptonite. I would much rather have a handful of chips than a chocolate bar.

I need to tell you that what goes into, and stays out o,f each chip is very impressive. Way Better chips are Non GMO Project Verified, Certified Gluten Free (tortilla chips only), Certified Whole Grain, and OU Kosher. Each bag includes a plethora of sprouted grains, seeds, and beans. They incorporate an abundance of Chia, Flax, Quinoa, Daikon Radish and Broccoli seeds. You also won't find a bunch of chemicals that you can't pronounce. This all means they are one of the healthiest chips that have been in my house. But how is the taste? Avid readers of Lunchbox Dad know that I test food like this with my whole family because food is not just about one person, but the kids and spouse as well. Let me tell you about some of the flavors that stood out to my family.

Way Better Chip Review

After fully immersing myself in the world of Way Better tortilla chips, I have decided I would rather eat their "Simply Unbeatable Blues" blue corn chip than any other basic tortilla chip around. I have been so impressed with this flavor I just want more...all the time! My kids both inhaled these as well and my seven year old daughter gave this the title, "best chip ever." The texture is different and the crunch is better than any other baked chip I have tried. We sampled this flavor by itself and with dip. It was awesome either way. If you like basic tortilla chips, you need to try this flavor.

The "Simply Sweet Potato" was a nice change of pace. Once again my kids enjoyed them. My wife thought this was decent but tasted more like a cracker. I liked the subtle flavors in this one. You don't walk away feeling like you've ingested a gallon of oil and fat and they were satisfying. 

Another tortilla flavor that I need to mention is the "Simply So Sweet Chili." I'd like to tell you what my kids thought of this one, but unfortunately my wife and I polished off the bag ourselves before putting it into my kids hands. It wasn't intentional, it just sort of happened. This was my wife's favorite Way Better chip and I thought it was superb. It had a nice little kick, not too spicy, but flavorful. I don't really think I could compare it to another chip by a leading manufacturer, because it is unique. You just have to trust me and try it for yourself. My wife told me she would definitely buy this again when she sees it in the store.

Way Better Chip nachos review

We also tried the "No Salt Naked Blues" blue corn tortilla chip. My whole family agreed that it wasn't their favorite flavor as a standalone chip, but when we used it in a nacho recipe it worked great. Sometimes nachos can be way too salty and full of fat. Not only did I feel better about using a healthier chip, but I wasn't overloaded with salt! This is the perfect chip for nachos. You can see how we used it in the picture above. It blended nicely with cheese, olives, avocados, and tomatoes.

We also had the chance to test out Way Better's new line of pita chips. They are a healthy alternative to other pita chips and are made with sprouted Red Fife and Spelt. If you prefer a cheese flavored chip, that doesn't cover your hands in orange, I recommend you give the "Pita-ahh Smoked Havarti" a chance.

Way Better Pita Chips review

Although my family preferred the Way Better tortilla chips to the pita chips, we found that in an appetizer dish the pita chip was absolutely addicting. We combined the "Pinch of Sea Salt" flavor with a Chevre goat cheese and drizzled it with local honey. Chevre is a very creamy, spreadable cheese that complemented the other ingredients well. The savory salt of the chip went hand-in-hand with the sweetness of the honey. You should use a good local honey, as your run-of-the-mill store bought variety just won't bring out the flavor as much. Trust me, this appetizer is simple and will be the hit at your party. I know, because it was at mine!

Way Better Pita Chip with Chevre cheese and honey review

The question remains, does "Way Better" live up to its name? Overall I say yes! If you are a chip fiend like me, but want a tasty and healthy alternative, you must give Way Better chips a chance. I have been recommending them to everyone, and I don't usually like baked chips. So when this chip company says that they are "Way Better" I wholeheartedly agree. You can find them online at Find out where to buy them locally HERE.

Disclosure: Way Better Snacks sent me their products to review. I have received no other compensation for this post and the opinions I’m expressing here are solely my own.



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