Frozen Lunch With Elsa & Olaf

Monday, March 31, 2014

Frozen Bento Lunch With Elsa and Olaf

Year 2, Week 28: Frozen Lunch With Elsa & Olaf. If you are like our family, your kids are addicted to the Disney movie FROZEN. My children are always singing the soundtrack and they have watched the movie countless times. I have written two other posts about FROZEN but have never done an actual school lunch for my daughter. If you want to see the other posts they are A FROZEN Day, with Sven Sandwiches and Olaf Banana Snacks, and 5 Ways Being a Parent is Like Being a Character From FROZEN

Frozen Bento Lunch With Elsa and Olaf
I'm not even gonna pretend that this didn't take longer than normal. Honestly, it's one lunch that would be more difficult to reproduce as well. This was worth it, however, because my daughter has been asking for a FROZEN lunch for awhile. Since I am writing this post late at night and you can probably see how to put it together anyway, I'm just going to post ingredients and not directions. One unique item I used is called "Yummy Dough." You can shape it like Play-Doh, but it is edible. It works well for the hair and the blue dots around the head. I am doing a review on it and will post the review in about a week. I made Olaf with a background of baby carrots because it reminded me of a sunny day and he always wants to be "In Summer."

The castle in the background was made using a Lunch Punch Sandwich Cuter. This lunch was made in a yubo lunchbox

Frozen Bento Lunch With Elsa and Olaf

Multi-Grain bread slices
Peanut butter
Yellow and blue Yummy Dough
Fat-free cream cheese for the eyes
Food coloring (black, blue, red)
String Cheese, cut into jagged chunks
Apple, peeled and cut into chunks
Blue sprinkles
Chopped baby carrots
Small piece of tortilla

Frozen Bento Lunch With Elsa and Olaf


  1. I think it's crazy that you make all these wonderful sandwiches...

  2. Thanks Darrell, I have fun with them and she told me today that this was one of her most favorite lunches ever. That made the time all worth it!

  3. Man. This is fantastic. I am so lazy.

  4. Grace @ Eats AmazingMay 2, 2014 at 11:35 PM

    This is so great, bet your daughter was over the moon with it!

    Thank you for linking up at #FunFoodFriday!

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