Simple Summer Turtle Slider Burger Lunch

Monday, August 12, 2013

turtle kids bento lunch
Simple Summer Turtle Slider Burger Lunch.  You may have missed this, but my favorite news story of the summer came out not too long ago.  It is hilarious and made me laugh out loud.  It is the story of a man who refused to leave his turtle alone while he took a plane flight.  So he did what any normal person would do--He disguised it as a hamburger and tried to get through security and was caught.  You can read the story (its pretty short but worth it) HERE.

 I was so inspired by this man's ingenuity I decided to do a Simple Summer Lunch about it in a Go Green Lunch Box.  But on a more serious note, this reminded me of a few points of etiquette when taking your lunch (or pet) on a plane.  You will want to skip smelly food.  Even if it smells great to you, you are part of a group and many others could get sick.  And if one person gets sick on a plane, know.  There are also many people with deadly peanut allergies now, so leave the peanuts at home and snack on them when you get back on the ground.  Leave your pets at home and watch the amount of liquid you bring on.  Otherwise, have a safe flight and enjoy your slider turtle burger!

Turtle slider going through airport security X-ray
--1 serving sliced strawberries and bananas
--1 large piece of lettuce
--1 serving of Greek nonfat yogurt
--Blue food coloring
--Slider bun (I used a pretzel bun)
--1 small hamburger patty, you can use turkey for a healthier burger
--2 small dill pickles
--1 slice of cheese
--2 Wilton candy eyes
--10-12 yogurt covered raisins
--1 serving graham cracker crumbs

1.  Cook and season slider patty to taste.  Cut pickles as shown in picture to make head, tail, and legs.  Put pickles in between bottom bun and burger patty.
2.  Place cheese in container as background and and place turtle on top.  Finish by placing eyes on head.  You can make them stick by using cream cheese or similar pasty food.
3.  In a side dish put a lettuce leaf as a background.  This can then be used in the burger.  Arrange fruit on top of the lettuce for the "turtle food."
4.  Spoon yogurt into a side dish and tint with blue food coloring for the ocean.
5.  Place graham cracker crumbs in another side dish.  Arrange yogurt covered raisins on the "sand" as turtle eggs.  The cracker crumbs and raisins taste great mixed in with the yogurt too!  If desired, finish the lunch by placing turtle themed food picks in the different side dishes.

Remember, next time you have to fly leave your turtle at home and take this hamburger instead. Remember to check out Lunchbox Dad on Twitter and Facebook because I post a bunch more great information, tutorials, and recipes.  Also keep coming back here because we have some great giveaways for back to school, including this week!


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    1. Thanks Venia, it was fun to make, especially thinking about the article while I was making it

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! This is a simple one that people should definitely try if they like turtles!

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