Week 36: A Lego Lunch

Monday, June 10, 2013

lego easy kids lunch
Week 36:  A Lego Lunch.  For this lunch I didn't want my daughter just to play with her food, I wanted her to build with her food!  This was such a fun lunch to make and I have been planning on doing it for awhile.  Make sure and check out all the pics in this post to see everything.  We love legos in our house so this is a special one.  The Lego shaped lunch box, utensils, and dipper containers all came from Bento USA.  You will definitely want to check them out as they have so many great tools to make lots of different types of meals.

--Non-fat yogurt, tinted different colors.  You could also use different foods with that consistency that your child enjoys such as applesauce, smoothies, pudding, etc.
--1 slice of cheddar cheese, 1 slice of American cheese
--1 slice of lunch meat, cut into flower shapes
--1 slice of whole wheat bread
--1 piece of chocolate bar to melt, if desired
--Black food coloring

1.  Get Lego silicone molds.  You can find them with a simple search online.  Many sites sell them, including Amazon.  Freeze your child's favorite yogurt or sauce type food in the lego brick mold.  I made the the blue and green bricks from yogurt.  The purple bricks are made from all fruit smoothies that may wife makes.  They are very healthy and include things like frozen fruit, spinach (Yes you read that right!), non-fat yogurt, and ice.  Make sure and pack the lunch with lots of ice to keep the bricks frozen until they eat.  Arrange the frozen bricks in a fun design as shown in the picture.

2.  Melt each slice of cheese and place in the Lego figure mold.  Put in the refrigerator to cool.  Use a toothpick and and black food coloring to make the facial and body details.  It only takes 2-3 minutes, but it really makes the figures pop!

3.  Place bread in the background of container.  Arrange cheese Lego figures in the scene.  Decorate with flower-shaped pieces of meat (I placed these in the dipper containers).  All of these ingredients can go together to make half of a meat and cheese sandwich!  Fill in with pieces of broccoli to look like Lego trees.

4.  If desired you could also melt a little chocolate to make a dessert Lego guy.  You can see that in the pictures.  I didn't include it in my daughter's lunch for school, but she will eat it when she gets home.  

Another great thing about this lunch is that the molds gave me enough food for lunch for my son as well.  Have a great week finishing up school with your kids.  Stay tuned for some really fun stuff coming this summer and follow me on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube!


  1. oh my gosh!!! this is the best! My boys would love it if I totally copied you and made this for their lunch - great job!

    1. You should copy it then, it was super easy and my daughter ate the whole thing. She especially liked the frozen yogurt Lego bricks.

  2. Awesome & Very cool!! thanks for the great idea

    1. Thanks JeeJee and thanks for showing me this great lunch box!


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