Halloween Themed Dinner!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

My wife and I put together a Halloween themed dinner last night so I thought I would give the readers of my Blog a bonus post for this week.  This was just a fun dinner for our family.  Many of the ideas were taken from Family Fun Magazine and were pretty easy to do.  So maybe this will inspire you with some ideas.

Ghost Potatoes.  These were slices of baked potatoes with sour cream on them and green onion faces.

Melon Brains.  This was a cantaloupe that we carved like brains.  We used a vegetable peeler on the outside and a paring knife to do the carving.

Apple Vampire Teeth.   These are apples that we cut out like lips and then inserted sliced almonds into them.  Make sure and coat with lemon juice right away to keep them from turning brown!

Spider Cupcakes.  These are cupcakes with rosting we turned gray with black food coloring.  The outside is chocolate sprinkles and licorice for the legs.  The eyes are mini oreos with chocolate chips in the middle.

Rotten Apple Punch.  This is apple cider died black with gummy worms, really simple.

Cheesy Frankenstein Fingers.  This is string cheese carved to look like fingers with brussel sprout fingernails.


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