NEW Lunchbox Dad Book!

Check out my new eBook Adventures in Lunchboxing!

You can instantly buy and download it from my shop for only $6.99!

Description: Adventures in Lunchboxing contains step-by-step instructions, pictures, and printable templates for you to follow. Some of the recipes are exclusive to this book and NEVER BEFORE SEEN ON MY BLOG. Even if you don't own an iPad or Kindle, you can read this on your PC or Mac and also print off chapters if you want a paper version! Easy to follow installation instructions for the book are included in the download.

Based on my blog at, this book will help you better connect with your own kids and easily make fun meals that can be eaten at home, or taken with you. Create meals that look like your children's favorite superheroes, cartoon characters, princesses, and more. 

Adventures in Lunchboxing contains 30 easy, fun, healthy, and creative on-the-go lunches to amaze your friends and delight your kids! These are great for school lunches, playdates, and parties.

This will EASILY work on your iPad, Kindle, Mac or PC or print it out at home if you prefer a paper copy!  Instructions, never before seen recipes, and printable templates included!

Buy it from only $6.99: CLICK HERE
Buy it right now from my blog using only $6.99: Buy Now


  1. Wow, Beau- way to go! How exciting to have a book on this fine subject :D

    1. Thanks Jennifer! Hey hope to make it up to the New Deli soon. Love reading your stuff on

  2. Wow! These are all so awesome.... Makes me wishi wasa kid again and the Lunchbox Dad was my Dad. And I'm52... lol. The really just bring a HUGE smile on my face because it's the effort and the obvious tremendous love that you have for your children. And being an RN and flightmedic, they're all so nutritious with food they will actually eat. I don't know you but these just make me happy just looking at your amazing talent.
    Kudos to you sir!

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