How to Make a Toy Story School Lunch

Sunday, February 2, 2020

How to Make a Toy Story School Lunch

Like many families, one of our family's favorite film franchises is Disney Pixar's Toy Story. From the original Toy Story down the line to every other release, we can't get enough. We even loved visiting Toy Story Land at Disney World with our kids. That blew our minds! So in honor of our love for these classic characters, I had to make another Toy Story lunch for my kids.

My last Toy Story lunch was Jessie, so this time around I featured Woody but had to figure out a way to include a few side dishes. I landed on an Alien and Forky. I figured they would be the easiest to fit in side compartments because of how simple they are. So keep reading to find out how I made it everything!

How to Make a Toy Story School Lunch

Ingredients: Whole wheat bread slices, sliced turkey, cream cheese, white and orange cheese, nori, red sweet peppers, carrots, spinach wrap tortilla, apple, fondant (black, white, red, blue).

1. For Woody I basically cut out his face and facial features from bread slices. For his eyes I used white cheese, the heel of the bread, nori, and cream cheese. His sideburns and hat was the heel of the bread.

2. Woody's vest is white cheese with some spots of nori. His shirt is cheddar cheese while I cut his bandana from sweet pepper. I surrounded him with carrots. I put turkey in one of the side compartments so that my kids could stuff that in the sandwich when they were ready to eat it.

How to Make a Toy Story School Lunch

3. The alien was green spinach tortilla wrap with white cheese and nori. Pretty simple.

How to Make a Toy Story School Lunch

4. Behind Forky was a red apple half. I made Forky out of fondant because it was easier and it gave a little dessert in the lunch.


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