Disney Frozen Olaf School Lunch Recipe Idea

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Disney Frozen Olaf School Lunch Recipe Idea

With Disney Frozen 2 just about here in theaters I thought it was time to come up with a new Frozen Olaf themed food idea for school lunches, party food, after school snack, or really any reason whatsoever! This might look tricky but just remember when it comes to your doubts about this just Let it Go, give yourself a warm hug, and make this Olaf the snowman recipe for your kids.

This Frozen themed lunch features a snowman sandwich, Christmas veggies, peppermint yogurt pretzels, apple snowflakes, and icy blue grapes. Keep reading to find out how to make it!

Disney Frozen Olaf School Lunch Recipe Idea

Ingredients: Whole wheat bread slices, sliced meat, white cheese, raisins, nori, baby carrot, pretzel sticks, red sweet pepper, green snap peas, yogurt covered raisins (or other winter themed cracker), apple, grapes, blue fruit roll.

1. Cut bread into the shape of Olaf's head and torso. Use your first piece as a guide to cut the second piece and slice of cheese. Assemble bread and meat into a sandwich and lay the white cheese on top.

Disney Frozen Olaf School Lunch Recipe Idea

2. For Olaf's facial features cut the black eyes, eyebrows, and mouth out of nori. The white parts are pieces of cheese and the eyes and black button are made from raisins. Cut the nose from a baby carrot. Arrange the pieces to create Olaf's face. If needed, paste facial features down using dabs of cream cheese.

3. Place Olaf in main compartment and surround with sweet peppers and snap peas. Place pretzel sticks in torso for arms and in top of head as well.

Disney Frozen Olaf School Lunch Recipe Idea

4. Put yogurt covered peppermint pretzels in one side compartment. Cover grapes with small pieces of blue fruit rolls and place in second side compartment. Cut apple slices into snowflakes. I used a cookie cutter to make it easy. You can also rub apple pieces with lemon juice to stop browning.


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