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Sunday, May 12, 2019

Vans Shoes artwork

I don't know if I've ever made a shoe food art lunch for my kids before, but I thought if I was going to start somewhere, it would have to be with a Vans lunch based on their iconic checkerboard skate shoes. This lunch is complete with the shoe sandwich, cheese logo, waffle pattern pretzels as a nod to the sole of the shoes, skateboard, and colorful skateboard cereal wheels.

Vans are some of our favorite shoes of all-time and I personally love the black and white checkerboard slip-ons! Every member of my family owns at least one pair of Vans and most of us have had this pair right here. I wore out my last pair after a few years and recently bought another pair exactly like it. The photo below links to a blog post where I wrote about the 80's and included our family's matching checkerboard Vans!

Vans Shoes art

Besides the black and white Vans, my favorite series might be the Nintendo shoes. We bought some of those right before we visited Nintendo headquarters in Redmond and everyone there loved them. Can you tell that my family loves matching shoes?

Vans Shoes art nintendo

So know I hope you can see why I had to make a lunch for my kids this year based on this particular timeless pair of shoes. Are you a fan of Vans? Which is your favorite pair of all-time? Below are the details on how I made this lunch for my kids.

Ingredients: Whole wheat bread, spinach wrap, provolone cheese, nori (roasted seaweed snack), turkey, raspberries, dried fruit, fruity circle shaped cereal, pretzel snaps.

Vans Shoes Art

1. Cut bread and provolone cheese slice into the basic shape of the slip-on shoe. The bread is behind the cheese. I made smaller layers of cheese to mimic the layers of the actual shoe and to give it a little more texture and depth. For the black part of the checkerboard, I cut nori into squares. The red Vans tag at the back could be anything red but I used a small piece of wax.

2. Cut large square of bread and spinach wrap. Place turkey on bread and spinach wrap on top of that. Put shoe on top along with crust of bread and raspberries for a small skateboard. I know it's not really to scale but I wanted to emphasize the shoe not the board.

Vans Shoes Artwork

3. Stack pretzels in side compartment and cut the Vans logo out of cheese. Put logo on top of pretzels.

4. In second side compartment I just put mixed dried fruit in for most of it. I topped the dried fruit with fruity cereal. The cereal reminded me of skateboard wheels so I thought it was simple and fun, as well as a bit of a treat.


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