Mo Willems' Because Book Musical Lunch Box Recipe Ideas!

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

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Mo Willems Because Book Musical Lunch Box Recipe Ideas!

Have you ever thought back on key moments in your life, the people involved, and the events that fell into place, which then provided an opportunity that you have now? Mo Willems' new book Because is about those times where all of these things fall into place to make something magical happen! A little girl learns to create beautiful music because of a few chance happenings, hard work, and the impact of people around her.
Mo Willems Because Book Musical Lunch Box Recipe Ideas!

Can you think of any similar times in your life? For example, because someone bought your child a basketball for Christmas when they were five, they worked hard, were supported, and became a starter on their high school basketball team? For my family I would say because I started making my daughter these fun lunches six years ago, I was able to discover a love for social media, which opened up an opportunity to change careers and get a full-time job doing social media for a company. Sometimes I still can't believe it.

Take a minute to try and remember some of these "because" moments in your life or your family's life. Go ahead, I'll wait. Pretty amazing to think back on, right? If you enjoy seeing how everything is tied together, you and your kids will love the book Because. I won't give it all away, but my favorite points of the story are seeing the roles that people play that you don't even consider important at first. Train operators, paper printers, people who clean the floors, and others help make the music happen. Everyone is important!

Mo Willems Because Book Musical Lunch Box Recipe Ideas!

Now find out how to make this musical lunch for your kids and remind them that no matter what they do, they can play an important role in helping beautiful things come to life.

Ingredients: Multiple colors of fruit and vegetables, cheese, whole wheat and flour tortilla, black food coloring, turkey, raisins, hard-boiled egg.
Mo Willems Because Book Musical Lunch Box Recipe Ideas!
1. Cut the shape of the body of the violin out of whole wheat tortilla. Use that first one as a guide to cut two more out. Then use the guide to cut sliced cheese into that shape. This is optional but I also cut an extra piece for the neck of the violin, the bottom part, and the curl at the top. If desired, you can toast the pieces in the oven to crisp them up, but it's not required.

2. Stick the cheese, and one whole wheat tortilla piece in the middle of the violin. It makes something like a double decker sandwich. Draw the strings and two side "S" designs with black food coloring.

3. Place a rainbow of fruit and veggies in the main compartment of the lunchbox. I added this element because of the rainbow-colored music score that flows throughout the book. Place the violin on top of the rainbow. If desired you can cut music notes out of a slice of cheese and put them on the rainbow as well.

4. Draw piano keys on a hard-boiled egg. You can just use a regular marker. Put in side compartment and surround with raisins.

5. Stack turkey in a second side compartment. Draw a musical theme on a piece of flour tortilla using black food coloring. I used a food color marker. You can draw whatever you would like but I used a couple sequences of notes that I found in the book, and of course put the title "Because" on as well!

Finish by giving this to your kids for lunch and reading Mo Willems' new book Because to them! With gorgeous illustrations by Amber Ren, they're sure to be enthralled. You can find the book online or at your local book store. So you should go to one of those places right now and pick it up for your family to enjoy!



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