How to Make a Santa Bruce Christmas Lunch

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

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Ryan T. Higgins

Let's be honest. Is it ever really too early to start thinking about Christmas? In our house we are unapologetically Christmas obsessed. This is why I was thrilled to get this new Santa Bruce book in the mail! I was so thrilled in fact that I had to make a fun Christmas (and Bruce) themed snack for my youngest. If you haven't checked out the Bruce series of books from author Ryan T. Higgins, you really need to. If you haven't ordered this newest Bruce book, then you absolutely must! Santa Bruce was just released on September 4th. You can get it in my Amazon shop HERE.

Bruce Books

I love that we even received a special edition ornament with the book as well! Ever since we opened the box, my kids have wanted to read this book over and over. It's a fun story where Bruce gets mistaken for Santa Claus and well...let's just say he's pretty grumpy about it!

Bruce Books

For the recipe, I wanted to give it a Christmas theme but I always wanted the personality of Bruce to shine through. I decided on a Bruce sandwich with a few Christmas side dishes. The size of this recipe makes it a perfect for an after school snack, or light lunch, for your young child.

Remember that if they don't prefer the taste of some of the ingredients, you can always substitute it for something they enjoy more (i.e. sub a strawberry for the raspberry). Also, I used food coloring in the cream cheese, but you can always use natural food dyes if you choose. No matter how you make the recipe, don't forget to pick up Santa Bruce for your kids!

Santa Bruce Recipe
Bruce Books

Ingredients: Whole wheat bread slice, jam, candy googly eyes, cream cheese, blue and black food coloring, white cheese, dried prunes (or similar fruit), red apple, celery sticks, red sweet pepper, vanilla greek yogurt, raspberry, green sprinkles.

1. Cut slice of bread into two half circle pieces. Spread jam on one piece and top with the other piece to make sandwich.

2. Tint cream cheese dark blue using blue food coloring. In a separate bowl use black food coloring to create black cream cheese. Alternately you could use activated charcoal to tint the cream cheese.

3. Spread blue cream cheese in the middle of the sandwich. Place black cream cheese around the edges. You can use a toothpick to "feather" the edges and create the look of fur if you want.

4. Cut a small square piece of bread from one of the scraps and place on top of sandwich for Bruce's muzzle. Place googly eyes next to it. Put a black cream cheese nose and mouth on the muzzle. Finish by creating a black cream cheese eyebrow.

5. Slice a piece of red apple in the shape of a Santa hat. Put right above bear head. Place white piece of cheese on top for brim, and then a round piece on top of apple hat. Use dried prunes or other dark fruit to make the ears.

6. Fill celery sticks with cream cheese. Top with small pieces of red sweet pepper to make a candy cane design.

7. Fill small dish with vanilla yogurt. Top with raspberry and green sprinkles to give it a Christmas theme.

Hopefully your kids enjoy Santa Bruce as much as mine have! Let me know what your family thinks of the recipe above and don't forget to order the book HERE.

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