3 Ways That Your Kids Can Easily Clean Up Dog Hair Around the House

Thursday, May 24, 2018

This is a sponsored post in partnership with Swiffer. All opinions are my own.
3 Ways That Your Kids Can Easily Clean Up Dog Hair Around the House

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you see the photo above? I can tell you for me it's the loving way that my son looks at our dog. After all, we've had Shasta longer than my son has been alive. In fact, we adopted our dog so long ago that even my oldest child wasn't around yet. We figured our new puppy would be fun, loving, and good with kids. What we never thought about was how much he would shed. Call us naive, but it never really crossed our minds. Looking back, when you have a dog that has pretty much half his body weight in fur, then you should probably know that some of that will end up on the floor...and the carpet...and the furniture...and your clothes.

The thing about that is having everything covered in fur doesn't have to become the way that you live. We have tried many things over the years, but these are our best tips for picking up that dog fur. Because this is a blog based around parenting, and #ShedHappens on a daily basis, we also wanted to make sure to give you tips that your kids can also do to help around the house.

Not only that, but I want to save you money as well by giving you a coupon code from Target for Swiffer to help you pick up that dog hair while staying within your budget. You can also use it within the cartwheel app. Just CLICK HERE to save $2 on a Swiffer starter kit and keep reading for the tips!

3 Ways That Your Kids Can Easily Clean Up Dog Hair Around the House

1. Use a rubber squeegee to easily collect dog fur from your carpets.
This is definitely one of those tips that you kick yourself for not trying sooner. Just have your kids run a regular rubber tipped window squeegee across your carpets and the dog fur will collect on the end!

3 Ways That Your Kids Can Easily Clean Up Dog Hair Around the House

2. Never underestimate the magic of a Swiffer Sweeper to collect dog fur from those hard to reach places!
Sometimes we feel like fur is easily frightened and likes to hang out under furniture and places where it is least likely to ever be found. Luckily my kids love using the Swiffer Sweeper to clean under and around those places where fur likes to hide. The Swiffer dry cloth has deep ridges that trap the dirt and fur, plus it is completely safe for pets!

3 Ways That Your Kids Can Easily Clean Up Dog Hair Around the House

3. Rubber gloves aren't just for washing dishes anymore.
The fantastic thing about rubber gloves is that your kids can throw them on and use them to clean by rubbing them on couches, chairs, and any other upholstery that you have. It's not only helpful because you don't have to do it, but they have fun with it as well!

As you can see the threat of shedding doesn't have to keep you from enjoying a dog. We have had Shasta for thirteen years now and even though that white fur will be waiting for us, we love him because he is part of our family. Plus, we know that with these three tips above, cleaning up that fur will only take a little bit of time, even with my kids helping with it. So use those tips and don't forget to save some money on Swiffer products in the Cartwheel app!


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