Good Day, Good Night Will Be Your Kids' New Favorite Book (and This Will be Their New Favorite Recipe)!

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

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Goodnight Moon

You know the drill. Your child goes and gets the same book out of the bookshelf every night. Every. Single. Night. There are those books that you can't really stomach to read more than once, and you do your best to make sure these "accidentally" get lost.  Then there are those that are classics that you cannot wait for your child to choose again. This post is about two books that fall in the latter category, and one recipe that pairs well with both!

If your kids are like mine, they have grown up with Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown. From the time they could sit still enough to look at the fantastic pictures by Clement Hurd, I read this to all three of my kids. To tell the truth, my older kids still love to sit and listen to the story when I read it to my youngest at night. Our family's love for Goodnight Moon is why I was so excited to hear about the previously unpublished book by Margaret Wise Brown, Good Day, Good Night.

Goodnight Moon

We received a copy of Good Day, Good Night in the mail, along with a new copy of Goodnight Moon, a rabbit plush toy, and an exclusive press event kit. By the way, you can win all of these by entering my giveaway below! I wasn't sure if the newly released book would come close to the old one, but after the first reading, my youngest was enthralled. From the familiar way it was written, to Loren Long's enchanting illustrations, it was an instant classic in our house! My son now wants me to read this to him almost every night (and most times twice a night).

Since Good Day, Good Night was such a hit, I decided to make a recipe for my young kids based on the book. Maybe your kids will love it as well? Here is how to make my Good Day, Good Night snacks. They are simple enough for young kids tastebuds but are still filling and fun!

Goodnight Moon

Ingredients: flour tortilla, shredded cheese, provolone cheese, black olive, mandarin orange, carrot, candy googly eyes.

1. Fold a soft taco sized flour tortilla in half. Fill with your favorite shredded cheese. Heat quesadilla in skillet until cheese is melted.

2. While quesadilla is cooking, slice olive into pieces. Cut a small circle and a dot out of provolone cheese.

3. Shred carrot into small thin pieces.

4. When cheese is melted in quesadilla, remove from skillet. Place cheese circle on top, olive slice on the cheese, and dot of cheese on the olive to create the eye. To finish the moon, place other slice of olive on top of quesadilla for the mouth.

5. Fan out carrot strips in a circle on a plate and place mandarin orange on top. If orange won't stay in place, slice of a thin strip of the bottom so it will sit flat. Put googly eyes on top of orange and draw on mouth with black marker to form the sun.

6. Place quesadilla moon next to orange sun on the plate. Read Good Day, Good Night and watch the cute book trailer with your child while they eat their snack!

Hopefully you will be able to build some important memories as a family, just like we have. To help with this, we are giving away a whole box full of fun items! One lucky reader will win copies of Goodnight Moon and Good Day, Good Night, branded bunny rattle from KidsPreferred, and a Good Day, Good Night themed event kit. After you enter, download THIS ACTIVITY BOOKLET for a little bonus to do with your family. Make sure to share the giveaway with your friends who might be interested and have fun reading to your kids!

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Goodnight Moon


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