5 Ways the Warmer Weather Can Save Your Parenting Sanity

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

This is a sponsored post in partnership with Stride Rite. I was compensated but all opinions are my own.
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Now that Spring is here, all of us parents can breathe a sigh of relief. It means the the weather is warming up and we can kick the kids out of the house. Wait, what I guess I should have said is that we can spend more time with our children outdoors. Let's be honest, both sentences are probably true. It's great to be able to get the kids outside so that they can stop destroying the house when you turn your back for three minutes. However, it is also definitely fun to be able to take your kids places that you haven't seen since the weather decided single digit temperatures were much more fun than double digit temps. Since you probably have been pushed to your mental limits with cabin fever over the past few months, here are some outdoor ideas that have worked for us, and might work for you as well!

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1. Head to the local zoo.
The zoo is not only enjoyable to go to one time, it's great to experience numerous times during the Spring and Summer. This is why we recommend buying a family membership. It usually pays for itself in two visit, plus many times it also gets your family free or discounted admission at other zoos around your area and the country. You also realize that you are not alone when you see other parents who are desperately trying to escape the confines of their lovely houses. Another tip is to have your children wear good shoes. You don't want the kids complaining about their feet thirty minutes after you arrive.

stride rite phibians

2. Get out on some trails.
I'm not talking about backpacking through the Appalachian mountains. Just pack some snacks and get your kids to burn off that energy by exploring a little bit of nature, or a local park. Make it a competition to see who can spot the most interesting insects or find the largest leaf. Just think, if your kid picks something up, and sets it down later, at least you don't have to clean it up after he goes to bed! On these walks, we like to have our kids wear their Phibian sneaker sandals from Stride Rite. They are made for land, or jumping in a stream, so no matter what terrain you find your kid can handle it.

stride rite phibians

3. Just send them outside with a ball.
My kids have really been getting into sports so a convenient excuse to get them outside is to encourage them to practice. It doesn't even matter what they practice. They can practice staring at a ball for all I care. As long as they are practicing staring at a ball outside.

stride rite phibians

4. Go on a walk around the block.
After a winter inside, sometimes it is easy to forget what your neighbors look like. Just grab your kids and go for a walk together. You might even run into someone you haven't seen in awhile and they might offer to have your kids over to play with their kids. Don't ever turn this offer down. And if they are just saying it to be nice, open the calendar on your phone and pin them down on a date right there.

stride rite phibians

5. Teach your kids to ride a bike.
If you have younger kids, use this opportunity to teach them how to ride. There's nothing quite like the feeling you get when your kid pedals for the first time on their own, or that feeling when you don't have to pull a wagon or push a stroller just to to get to the end of the street and back.

As you can see, the warmer weather could be just what you need in your life. Whether it's taking a walk, or going to the zoo, one of the most important preparations you can do is make sure your kids have the right footwear on before they go out. There's not much worse than getting everyone ready only to get ten minutes down the road and hear, "My feet hurt," or "I didn't think we needed shoes today." We have been loving the Stride Rite Phibians. You can see them in the pictures above. The Phibians are breathable and quickly dry if they get wet. Plus you can just throw them in the washing machine to clean if needed. So get them the right shoes and most of the rest will take care of itself. The point is to get your kids outside. It'll be what's best for your whole family, and what's best for your sanity!


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