10 of the Most Superb St. Patrick's Day Snacks on Pinterest

Monday, March 13, 2017

St. Patty's Day
With St. Patrick's Day Day right around the corner, you can never have too many snack ideas. Don't worry I, along with Pinterest, have you covered. I rounded up ten of the hottest St. Patrick's Day snack ideas around. Your family will love you for it and it will help take your celebration to the next level!

1. Leprechaun Popcorn

2. Shamrock Pretzels

3.  Lucky Charm Marshmallow Treats

4. St. Patrick's Day Skewers

5. Avocado Deviled Eggs

6. Rainbow Jello Mold

7. St. Patrick's Day S'more Hats

8. Rainbow Fruit Platter

9. St. Patrick's Day Puppy Chow

10. Mini Whoopie Pies


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